Hot News! S-TPE Launched By SE Doll: Innovative Sex Doll Material

When it comes to sex dolls, doll lovers are mostly interested in the materials used and any new technology updates. To give customers a better experience, various sex doll brands are constantly developing new products and technologies. One influential brand in the industry, SE Doll, has recently introduced a new material. As a pioneer in the sex doll market, SE Doll is excited to announce a major upgrade in sex doll materials with our new STPE (Super Thermoplastic Elastomer) option. This new material is a response to customer feedback and shows our ongoing commitment to innovation.

General Intro Of STPE

STPE is an upgraded version of the commonly used TPE material in the industry, offering enhanced features like better durability and a more realistic feel. For SEDOLL, STPE has been introduced as a new material option and is now available for all their TPE dolls, giving customers an excellent choice when buying.

Why improve TPE material?

Our decision to develop STPE comes from our commitment to enhancing the already impressive features of TPE. While TPE has set high standards for flexibility and hypoallergenic properties, STPE is designed to go beyond these limits. It offers superior durability and a more realistic feel, significantly enhancing user interaction and satisfaction.

What is SEDOL's STPE like?

Descriptions in words can't compare to the clarity of images and videos. Here at SE Doll, we have thoughtfully prepared some images and videos for those interested, allowing for a simpler and more in-depth understanding of the wonders and quality of STPE. These visual aids will help customers grasp the changes and enhanced features of the new material more effectively.

Difference between STPE and TPE?

STPE surpasses TPE by providing:
Softness: STPE is softer than TPE, contributing to a more realistic feel.
Realism: STPE dolls boast more detailed skin textures and improved body makeup, enhancing their lifelike appearance.
Reduced Oiliness: With a less oily surface, STPE requires less maintenance and stays cleaner.
Improved Elasticity: Greater flexibility in STPE allows for more natural movements and poses.
Seamless Appearance: STPE can be molded with fewer visible joins, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and making dolls look more seamless and lifelike.


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