Hottest Sex Doll Accessories in Fantasywives

If you already own a sex doll, chances are you’re looking for sex doll accessories from Fantasywives.

You can find many unique accessories in here.

sex doll clothing: Fantasywives unique corresponding pictures- full set of clothing and jewelry accessories, currently we offer 6 different sets for you to choose from.

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What sex dolls accessories we and unique

Teeth & Tongue Set ,currently we provides Vampire type and normal type, soon we will release the newest Teeth & Tongue Set 3.0. 

Fantasywives exclusive TPE Deluxe Care Kit and Silicone Deluxe Care Kit. It includes makeup remover, glue, color remover, and more. With this package, you can take care of any problem your doll may have.  special about sex doll glue ,this is special for TPE doll and silicone doll . so make sure what type doll you have then make order.

intelligent doll vagina cleaner. It's a great invention. The man who invented it is from wmdoll. you can complete a series of operations on the doll's vagina cleaning, drying, and ultraviolet disinfection, and we need to do just by gently clicking the button on the smart panel with our fingers. 

sex doll wigs-lace material on each doll wigs

Sex doll wigs are a very troublesome thing. Although wigs are not expensive, a good wig can make your doll more attractive. But it is not so easy to buy a good love doll wig. Many wigs are easy to knot, only wear once, the hair is already knotted together. The wigs provided by fw are carefully selected and specially treated wigs. The characteristic is that it is not easy to knot, and it looks very natural. The price is also attractive.

Individual heads for each brand

If you want to buy an extra sex doll heads for your doll separately, then we offer the most popular brands of heads for you to choose from. It should be noted that many brands of head and body are not universal. So pay special attention before purchasing.

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