Under 140cm sex doll-Somethings import you must get to know

There are many websites on the Internet that sell under 140cm full size sex doll, such as 90cm doll, 100cm sex doll, 118cm sex doll and so on. Some are life-size scaled-down dolls, while others are Child sex dolls, whose flat breasts and childish faces make them look like an underage girl-young sex doll. Here, Fantasywives is very sincere to remind that, do not touch underage girls, even it is just a sex doll, do not touch or thinking that . Because this is not only a moral issue, but also a serious legal violation.

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Be careful under 140cm sex doll

In those years we see many time from video or TV that Western customer because buy child sex doll go in jail.

This is why we don't sell anything under 140cm life size sex doll. first we object to the Child sex dolls. what ever selling or production. second we dont want any of our customer get trouble . Especially if you are living in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia etc . then please try to choose more than 155cm doll. Because the laws of these countries punish pedophiles very strictly, when the seller sends the doll from China to your country, it is likely to be seized and inspected by the customs in your own country. If customs opens the box and decides that the doll belongs to a child sex doll, then you will have a big problem. The police will come and find you and ask you to explain, maybe go through your other personal belongings and so on... There have been many news reports before that buyers who ordered child sex doll were prosecuted in court and jailed. So, before you buy a doll below 140cm, be sure to think about this issue.

young sex dolls should over 155cm height

If people want find some young sex dolls, we suggestion at least choose doll height over 155cm . its much safe. because those young looking sex doll will get more attention by custom . so as height as better.

Torso sex doll available

We suggested that if it is due to the weight problem, or if the doll is too big, it will take up too much storage space, then you can choose torso sex dolls, there are many brands of torso sex dolls do very good.

If you need a head with body, you can choose  wmdoll torso dolls,irontech doll torso dolls.

If you are not in need of a head, then you can choose tantaly torso doll,  sigafun torso doll , Climax torso doll.

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