Tantaly The Most promising torso doll brand in the world

There has been a long time has not let fantasywives so excited, has always been, torso doll is always the representative product of low-end sex toys, the similar design, no creative packaging, very ordinary material, all the torso brand seems to be cheaper than who can sell more. But they don’t think about what kind of torso doll the user needs. Just when we had no hopes for the torso doll product, a new torso brand tantaly suddenly appeared in front of our eyes. Exquisite design, excellent material, exquisite packaging, rapid user feedback and many network celebrities endorsement, let us once again focus on the torso doll product. So let’s take a look at why Tantaly has us so admiring.

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Why choose a tantaly sex doll

The brand Tantaly was born in California, USA, and was created by an ambitious man named Steven. Dissatisfied with the available male masturbation products on the market, Steven wanted something that would provide a full size sex doll experience with the convenience and variety sex toys. At the same time, he noticed that the market was flooded with low-quality sex toys and that there were very few trusted brands. For these reasons, he decided to establish his own brand-Tantaly sex doll, whose products combine the portability of the masturbation cup with the advantages of the good experience of the full-body doll, aiming to produce world-class high quality torso dolls.

1, Tantaly doll has a variety of types of torso for users to choose from.

Different sizes - There are small size and 1:1 life size for customer choose.what ever you want mini torso doll or full size torso doll, you can find in Tantaly.

Different poses- from traditional poses to doggy style to satisfies your requirements for various sex positions. .

Different bodies style, big boobs torso, big ass torso, BBW torso doll.

Tantaly sex doll not only have femal torso , also have male torso doll.  

2,Tantaly doll offer an irresistible price.

Tantaly dolls set the starting price at $149. If you just want to try a simple sex masturbation or sex doll, then the tantaly under $200 torso is definitely your first choice.

3,Tantaly has overseas warehouses in everywhere.

What you don't know is that in order to ensure that every customer receives tantaly torso doll the first time after placing an order, Tantaly has set up overseas warehouses in many cities in the United States and Europe at great expense. The result is that whatever tantaly product you pick up on Fantasywives, we can ship the same day or next day and you'll receive tantaly doll after 3-5 days.

4,Tantaly aurora 2.0 gel breast.

Tantaly upgraded their gel breast, the 2.0 aurora tantaly doll feel more real and soft.  they're 30% more realistic and soft compared to normal breast. You'll have a more real feeling when you touch 2.0 aurora boobs.

5,Massive Social media reviews.

Whether it's on youtube, twitter, pornhub,Reddit. We can see many well-known kol bloggers giving reviews of tantaly torso doll. through those tantaly reviews we can see have many popular doll like tantaly britney, tantaly rosie,tantaly candice, tantaly daisy, tantaly monica, tantaly monica, tantaly eva, tantaly aurora, tantaly cecilia, tantaly louise, tantaly morgpie, tantaly nicole,  tantaly jennifer,  tantaly morgpie,  tantaly mia,  tantaly britney etc . all of those doll you can see from tantaly video . maybe those video is made by tantaly porn star , or some youtube sex toys Reviewer.

When you open Tantaly reddit group,you will also find lots tantaly torso doll revidews in there.

Does the tantaly torso doll suit me?

If you thinking spend over $1000 purchase a sex dolls is too expensive.

If you not have a enough place to store a full size sex doll.

If you're thinking about upgrading from a masturbator but aren't ready to buy a life-size sex doll just yet.

If your budget is only $200.

We also have some other torso doll brand like WMDOLL torso ,Climax torso ,Irontech torso etc ..all of those are high quality and nice torso doll, but if you want Spend the least money on the most valuable torso doll. then we suggestion Tantaly torso dolls.

Why buy a tantaly doll on Fantasywives?

Fantasywives agent of many high quality brands full size sex doll, has more than 10 years of experience in sex dolls sales and customer service, handling more than 1000 sex doll complain customer service cases. Whether it is wmdoll, zelex doll, irontech doll, or SYdoll, Fanreal doll, JXdoll, or other new brands, as long as the full size doll, then there are more or less some problems in the use of doll. If you don't find the right person to buy these dolls, then customer servise will become a headache things. But torso doll rarely has problems. Because his product is simpler and easy handy. So if you are a newbie, tantaly torso doll will be good choice for you.

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