Japanese sex doll, a real-life perfect hentai wife

Japan was one of the first countries to produce sex doll. in that time have some famous japan sex dolls like OT,4wood, these brands occupied 50% of the sex doll market 10 years ago. If you want to buy a European or American style real doll,you can buy from US “real doll” company, if you want to buy an Asian style doll, then you only can buy from OT or 4wood doll company. So at that time, janpanese sexy doll was not only a Japan dolls, it was actually a synonym for love doll. But interestingly enough, most people can’t afford a janpanese dolls, because 10 years before, japanese sex doll cost is around $5000-$6000 , increase shipping cost , and custom tax, you have to pay about $10,000 to buy one Japanese doll. that is crazy price for everyone .  Now more and more Chinese sex doll company join and bring sex doll become a Affordable prices for everyone, So now you can buy andy janpanese dolls from Fantasywives with a Affordable prices.

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Why are Japanese sex dolls so popular in the world?

In Western culture, janpanese wife is very attractive. Part of the reason may be the global popularity of Japanese AV videos. This makes many people fantasize about having a Japanese girlfriend who is as sexy and submissive as a Japanese AV actress. this is why most Japanese sex dolls is order by western customer . These Japanese love dolls are crafted to embody the essence of Japanese femininity. You can find all kinds of archetypal Japanese love dolls, such as cute 20-year-old Japanese girls, mature 30-year-old Japanese housewives, virtual Japanese anime characters and more. These dolls all have movable joints, so you can get her to pose the way you want, and satisfy your intimacy fantasies with her submissive demeanor. Compared to American and European sex dolls, Japanese real dolls are smaller, more delicate, have sweeter features, and most have dark hair. They embody the beauty of the East. Petite stature does arouse a strong protective desire in men. Everyone dreams of having exotic sex, and Japanese love dolls may meet your needs for cross-border sex,  The small and slender body of the Japanese doll can unlock a lot of sexual actions, and even you can stand on the ground and hold the doll for sex, which is difficult to achieve in the United States or European sex dolls.you can easy find out some Japanese sex doll video from Youtube , or some Japanese dolls review from Reddit or doll forum .  

What brand Japanese dolls is popular ?

Here is some popular Janpanese sex dolls brand in Fantasywives

SHE DOLL-slim and tall style Japanese dolls

JIUSHENG DOLL-realistic Japanese doll

JY DOLL -Asian cougar style dolls

IRONTECH DOLL -Big breasted Asian doll

XT DOLL -Cute Asian doll with big eyes

WMDOLL -anime style Asian dolls

FUNWEST -petite figure Japan doll

SY DOLL -office lady style Asian doll

FIREFLY DOLL -Pure style Janpan love doll

YEARN DOLL -A girly Asian doll

ORANGE IN DOLL -Cute style Asian doll

TENBUDOU DOLL -slightly chubby style Asian doll

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