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If you are buying a love doll for the first time, if you have a budget of over 2000 dollars, then you can buy a silicone dolls without hesitation. A good silicone sex doll is mainly reflected in stable material, outstanding face design, beautiful body curves, exquisite makeup and perfect customer service, also need that brand that has been tested by the market for a long time. It’s hard to imagine that the same silicon sex doll would have cost $6,000 to $8,000 10 years ago. And you don’t have much choice. But now you have so many bodies and heads to choose from, and there are so many great brands like angelkiss doll, zelex doll, irontech doll, etc

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Development history and market size of silicon sex doll: 

The history of silicone sex dolls dates back to the early 1960s, when silicone material technology began to be applied to art and model making. Over time, silicone was gradually applied to the field of sex toy manufacturing, and silicon sex dolls began to appear in the early 1980s. The earliest silicone doll brands are “Real Doll” in the United States, “OT doll”and “4wood doll” in Japan, and in the last 10 years, more and more Chinese manufacturers have poured into this field, which has promoted the expansion of the market scale of silicone sex dolls. At the same time, the price has been reduced from 8,000 US dollars to about 2,000 US dollars. The silicon sex dolls market is already quite large, and while tpe doll helps the brand to broaden the user base, more and more people have the opportunity to see the Silicon Doll's existence and try to understand it. we can find many silicone sex doll video on the Youtube and Twitter etc . So you can get those useful information easy from internet.

Silicone sex dolls material characteristics:

Quality and material: sex doll silicone use medical grade silicone to ensure product quality and user experience. At the same time, some brands of silicone come with real skin texture. It looks more realistic.

Safety: Silicone material is hypoallergenic and non-porous, safe and easy to clean, suitable for intimate use.

Elasticity and softness: The silicone material has excellent elasticity and softness, and the slow rebound silicone doll sex has a very high resemblance to real muscles.

Skin texture: The texture of silicone is very similar to real skin, with a silky and delicate touch, so that users feel the warmth and tenderness when in contact with real people.

Temperature sensing: Silicone can quickly absorb and release body temperature, so it will produce a natural sense of warmth with the human body when used, enhancing the fidelity and intimacy of sex silicone dolls.

Waterproof: The silicone material itself has excellent waterproof performance, so the doll can be washed directly with water when cleaning, which is simple and easy to keep clean and hygienic.

Antibacterial: Silicone material has strong antibacterial properties, not easy to breed bacteria and mold, effectively reduce the health problems that may occur during use, and ensure the health and safety of people.

Durability: Silicone material has excellent durability, not easy to tear, deformation or aging, can maintain the original texture and appearance for a long time, extending the service life of sexy dolls.

Environmental protection: silicone is an environmentally friendly material, does not contain harmful substances, non-toxic and tasteless, no pollution to the environment, in line with the modern pursuit of health, green life needs.

Weight: Compared to the tpe sex doll, the realistic silicone sex doll will more light, that becasue the silicone material weight reduction technique. for some brand 165cm silicone love doll can reach 25kg only.

The most popular silicon sex dolls brand

Angelkiss doll: You can in get most popular WMDOLL design with silicone material .  you can thinking Angelkiss is WMDOLL sex doll silicone brand.

Irontech Doll: They not only have female sex doll, also have male silicone sex doll and BBW silicone sex doll and Black silicone sex doll.

Zelex Doll: Realistic silicone sex dolls , their silicone sex doll head was popular in the dol market .

CST Doll: silicone sex dolls for sale and cheap silicone sex dolls .

Sanmu doll: Mini silicone sex doll and small silicone sex doll.

Sigafun doll: Silicone sex doll torso .

XT doll: Best silicone sex dolls in Vaginal function.

Development prospects of sex doll silicone:

With the continuous progress of technology and the growth of market demand, the position of silicone love dolls in the sex toy market will be further consolidated and expanded. At the same time, with the emergence of the concept of robot sex doll, silicon dolls will once again be pushed into the front. Because robot sex dolls needs to be realized through silicone sex doll. At present, some robot doll in the world, such as "Sophia robot doll" and "real doll X", are all based on silicone love doll. Therefore, the silicone dolls in the future will not only be for sex , but also a robot doll and a life company doll.


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