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Discover our wide range of cheap sex dolls, meticulously designed to provide an incredibly realistic and immersive experience. Each doll is crafted with the utmost attention to detail, featuring lifelike textures, anatomical accuracy, and durable construction.

With FantasyWives, you can explore your deepest fantasies without breaking the bank. We understand that satisfaction should be affordable and attainable for all. Our commitment to providing high-quality cheap realistic love dolls at competitive prices ensures that you can indulge in your desires without financial strain.

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What price range of dolls should I buy

The price of a full body doll ranges from $100 to $10,000. In this price range, you can buy an inflatable sex doll at a extremely low price $100 , or buy a full size silicone sex doll at a medium price $3,000. But a smart AI robot sex doll costs $10,000, which is sold at a very expensive price. Different price means different quality and functions. So, how could a doll lover buy the most suitable doll at the least cost.

If you buy a doll only for sex and it’s your first time buying a sex doll, we do not recommend that you spend too much money on it. Not exceeding 20% of your monthly income is suggested. Supposed that your monthly income is $3,000, then a $600 doll is suitable for you. We need to consume rationally since there are many other things in your life that need to be paid for.

If you buy a sex doll not only for sex, but also for a warm companionship, or you like the cosplay characters and are deeply attracted by the appearance of a doll, besides that you have some experience on purchasing a doll, then you can increase your budget on sex doll to 50%, but not more than 100% of one month's income. Don't spend more than a month's income to buy a doll even if you think it’s perfect! If you exceed this limit but find it difficult to persuade yourself not buying you dream love doll, you can come to us for advice and let us give you a good solution. We firmly believe that if you really want to buy a doll but still feel that the price is too expensive, then this doll is definitely not your best choice. Let's help you find the most suitable "she" for you.

First of all, don't consider full silicone sex dolls, as the price of silicone dolls is basically over $2000. If you see some brands selling silicone dolls for less than $2000 on the website, you can carefully review their product name descriptions. If the product name includes the word silicone head, then the doll is not a full silicone doll but a hybrid sex doll - TPE body with silicone head. At FantasyWives, there is also hybrid sex doll, which sold under $1000. However, the price of Hybrid sex dolls in the market is generally around 1,600-1,800 US dollars. Want to buy dolls below $1,000, TPE sex doll and Hybrid sex doll always be good choices.

When talking to TPE sex doll, LIFANOU Doll and SY Doll are trusted brands for their cost -effective TPE sex dolls. LIFANOU dolls are mainly Japanese-style sex dolls, with many skinny sex doll bodies. SY doll is mainly Western-face sex dolls also with lots of BBW body types. Both of these two brands have overseas warehouses in the United States and Europe, which means you can receive the dolls in about 3-5 days after placing an order of In-stock sex dolls.

Hybrid sex doll in FantasyWives Doll and JX doll - Best Cheap Sex Dolls

These two brands have the most cost-effective products in the current under $1000 price range. Before the appearance of TPE heads with silicone body sex doll, dolls under $1,000 were mainly TPE dolls, while cheap TPE dolls had two main issues, one of which was that they were made roughly and the faces were not good-looking enough. Some cheap and low quality sex dolls’ bodies and heads copy popular doll brands which are in hot sale. During the process of copying molds, there will be some deformation, and the products will not be as exquisite as the original one. Another point is that the authenticity of the TPE head is not as good as that of the silicone head, which means the makeup on the TPE head is more prone to fading, and couldn’t have the option of implanted hair and implanted eyebrows.

Is there a good combination that allows TPE dolls to have both price advantages and maintain their makeup well? This is the new hybrid sex doll - TPE body with Silicone head that we bring with FantasyWives. FantasyWives’ Hybrid sex doll mainly features European and American style dolls, emphasizing the overall design and coordinated beauty of the doll. Each character is endowed with a unique personality.

Of course, you do have more options. If you don't want to buy a cheap full body sex doll, you can choose torso doll. It is easier to store and also cheaper in price. Tantaly doll can be taken home for only $150.

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