sex doll wigs –lace material on each doll wigs

Each sex doll wig features a mesh lace material positioned at the front of the sex doll wigs. The hair strands are individually hand-tied onto the lace front, resulting in a natural-looking hairline. The mesh allows for the scalp to be seen, just like with natural hair, and grants you the freedom to style the hair away from the face or even pull it back without any visible elastic bands. This level of versatility ensures a genuinely lifelike look.

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How to choose a good wig that will not easy get knot

Although wigs are not expensive, a good love doll wig can make your doll more attractive. But it is not so easy to find a good wig. Many sex doll wigs are easy to knot, only wear once, the hair is already knotted together. The wigs provided by Fantasywives are carefully selected and specially treated wigs. The characteristic is that it is not easy to knot, and it looks very natural. The price is also attractive.

All sex doll wig sold by Fantasywives are personally tested by our staff, and doll wig can only be sold after meeting Fantasywives standards.

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