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AF DOLL - The Builder of the First Generation TPE Doll Factory

Nowadays, it's rare to hear someone mention AF DOLLS, perhaps you won't see them release a new product for a whole year. Perhaps, AF SEX Doll has already withdrawn from the sex doll stage. But what you have to know is that, as the first generation TPE sex doll factory, AFDOLL has also made a huge contribution to this industry.

Back in 2015, the boss of AF DOLL left the Jinsan doll factory-wmdoll, and established his own doll brand factory, JYDOLL. This was the second TPE sex doll factory in the world. Because it shared the same production process and material formula with the Jinsan doll factory, the development of JYDOLL was very fast, and it quickly received a large number of orders in the following year. Of course, these orders were all for producing dolls identical to wmdoll. People in the industry call these copy dolls or fake dolls. Many Chinese sex doll factories have gone through this stage because they did not have their own design team, or they were unwilling to spend a lot of money on new designs and molds.

In the following years, JYDOLL split into two independent companies, one is the current JYDOLL, and the other is AF TPE Doll.

As is known to all, in the rapidly developing sex doll industry over the past 10 years, more and more production management elites, brand operation elites, such as IRONTECH, ZELEX, FUNWEST, XTDOLL, and other teams have joined the industry. The direct result is that the survival space of the first generation of traditional sex doll manufacturing companies is increasingly being compressed. The new head sculptures, beautiful bodies, and promotional photos suitable for Western styles launched by competitors every month are constantly carving up the market cake. So, if someone says now that AFdoll has left the sex doll industry, we are not surprised at all. This is an inevitable trend of market development. After all, AFdoll was once successful.

The first-generation doll factories still active in the sex doll market, such as WMDOLL, LIFANOU DOLL, PIPER DOLL, SINO DOLL, EXDOLL, are pouring their wholehearted passion into the competition in this new era. We hope that they can all bring new dolls that everyone

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