FantasyWives: Unleash Your Fantasies with Realistic Silicone CST Doll

Crafted from high-quality silicone, our dolls offer a realistic touch and feel that simulates the sensation of human skin. From their perfectly sculpted bodies to their intricately designed features, each CST doll is a masterpiece of artistry and desire. Whether you crave a sultry brunette, a fiery redhead, or a captivating blonde, our diverse collection caters to all preferences, allowing you to find your dream companion. Our CST love dolls are more than just stunning physical replicas; they are the embodiment of your deepest desires and intimate fantasies. With posable joints and flexible bodies, you can engage in a variety of sensual positions and explore new realms of pleasure. Immerse yourself in unforgettable moments of intimacy and companionship, tailored to your specific desires and preferences.

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CST DOLL: Leading the global silicone doll market of China's power

CST doll is a listed company in China with more than 200 employees. As the first listed company of sex toys in China, after nearly 10 years of operation in the sex toys industry, in the spring of 2017, CST dolls Hall decided to enter the global sex doll market. In May 2017, they began the research and development of manufacturing processes for doll products. By August 2020, CST sex dolls will set up a production plant of 8,000 square meters in Dongguan. More than 10 million yuan has been invested in product research and development.

By 2024, after 7 years of research and development and more than a dozen iterations, CST has achieved substantial improvement in production technology, product quality and sales scale. Its main product, the silicone dolls, has gained a place in the real doll market.

CST sex doll products are made of liquid platinum silicone material, with the ultimate craftsman spirit, through 9 workshops, 22 processes, layer by layer control, to ensure product quality. Through the simulation sculpture technology, silicone mold technology, silicone molding technology, simulation skin technology, simulation makeup technology, simulation body makeup technology, simulation hair transplant technology, silicone weight reduction technology and other eight technologies, truly achieve the aesthetic sense of reproduction. What is more rare is that the CST silicone doll body does not produce oil, no odor, safe and friendly licking, and the baby pacifier uses the same food-grade safety silicone production, life of up to 5 years, 43 joints can pose the vast majority of real people.

CST SEX DOLLS The perfect integration of traditional carving techniques and modern production techniques

Silicone doll high crafthead carving

CST silicone doll head focuses on the sculpture of delicate heads, and the current head selection has received very high reviews. The sculpture is not only delicate, but the makeup process also goes through a four-layer process to make the doll show a more lifelike expression.

Soft real touch

The use of silicone as the material of CST real doll, order to present the different parts of the human skin feel, customized individual softness for each body part, buttocks, abdomen will have different realistic touch. And the most important chest has also been given a particularly soft adjustment. The body of the CST realitic doll has also been painted seven times to show features such as life-like skin color, pores, and blood vessels.

Lightweight weight

CST adult dolls through silicone material, custom process for a series of lightweight engineering. Generally, the 165cm silicone doll, which is not lightweight, weighs about 40kg, and can reduce the weight by 30% after lightweight treatment by CST . This makes it easier to move and position the doll!

CST SEX DOLL: The spoiler and careerist of the sex doll’s market

CST dolls is the price disruptor of the silicone doll market. The ultimate cost performance is a core strategy for the silicone doll market in CST love doll, currently they has put the average market price of 2,000 US dollars of silicone dolls, the price has dropped below 1,000 US dollars, although this angered many silicone doll brand factories, that the behavior of CST factory has disrupted the market price, but for the majority of users, this is absolutely good news. If the same product can be bought for half the price, no one can refuse.

At the same time, in the planning blueprint of CST dolls, it is not only to become the world's first brand of silicone dolls, their greater ambition is to become the world's first sales brand of robot doll .It is reported that CST doll has invested millions of dollars in the product development of robot dolls, although there is no review of CST AI doll on the market, but there is news that we can see the first generation of CST robot dolls in 2024.

As the authorized agent of CST adult dolls , FW is not only selling their products, but also promoting the brand concept of CST silicone dolls, that is, giving back the best quality dolls with the most extreme price. We believe that in the next time, there will be more and more brands to join this team, while constantly upgrading products, can bring users more and more affordable prices. So that everyone can afford the best quality love doll.

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