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Inroducing the Angelkiss Doll collection at FantasyWives, where we bring you a stunning range of realistic TPE sex dolls that will captivate your senses. Immerse yourself in a world of lifelike beauty and exquisite craftsmanship, as each Angelkiss sex doll is meticulously designed to provide an unparalleled experience of intimacy and pleasure. Our collection features a diverse selection of Angelkiss doll, each with its own unique personality and irresistible charm. From sultry seductresses to innocent sweethearts, you’ll find the perfect companion to fulfill your deepest desires and fantasies.

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Angelkiss Dolls: Flexible Full Silicone Materials

Angelkiss is a silicone sex doll brand established in 2022 and it shares the same manufacturing factory as WM doll, which is the most renowned brand in the industry. However, different from WM, Angelkiss sex doll is settling to be a silicone sex doll brand so that showing the diversity and ability of the Jinsan Factory. The full silicone materials make lots of options possible if you are not only looking for a random Angelkiss sex dolls also seeking to find the customized dolls. With the full silicone materials, Angelkiss dolls can achieve hair implantation, eyelash implantation and eyebrow implantations. Additionally, gel breasts and gel butts are assimilated to a real person, giving the best possible sexual experience to the customers. The options are not stopping at this point.

Countless customized options on Angelkiss Sex Dolls

Besides the basic implantations that can be made in the silicone sex dolls, Angelkiss doll is capable of making customized sex dolls only for you. Full body make up on the silicone sex dolls makes them more attractive. There are other details letting the Angelkiss doll much more realistic. The breathing feature allows the doll to have the same pace when breathe like a person. Auto-sucking and clamping function simulates the process when having a sex experience. From the upper body options, the lower parts of the body also occupy some distinguished characteristics. The main premium option includes the brand new 2.0 version of articulated fingers. The double joints added to the non-standing feet also spice up the flavor of the stable metal-like silicone materials on Angelkiss. The shrugging shoulders and free sway pivot adapter stabilizes the sex doll while having a sexual activity since it can be hold much more easily.

Oral Functions

Speaking about the functions related to mouthpart, the movable jaws make the dolls move freely on that part. Realistic oral details contain a fixed tongue from one side and oral sex channel and oral heating system guarantee the sucking function much more sensory and lifelike. Up to 7 collections of Angelkiss Doll are manifested in FantasyWives that acquire all these options.

157cm F-cup Daisy

167cm E-cup Lyly

AngelKiss Sex Dolls: Leading Western Styles Sex Dolls

Angelkiss doll has a populated western styles on the industry, there is one scene of the sex doll shot in front of the grand Sydney Theater, directly in front of the Theater! That is so ambitious and innovative that no other brands find a world-class view to shoot sex doll photos. FantasyWives is setting to make an inclusive Angelkiss doll collection to customers through updating professional sex doll news and knowledge as soon as possible. Western flavor is mainly caused by a larger version of Curvy and MILF sex dolls as they express the perfect curve of a real Western beauty. Combined all these elements together, the western wind blows up Angelkiss doll to FantasyWives customers who will receive utmost degrees of satisfaction on the purchase and service overall.

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