Most popular body – Curvy Sex Doll

Curvy sex dolls are a type of full-bodied doll with distinct features, usually having very full breasts and buttocks, but a relatively slender waist, presenting a unique hourglass figure. This figure visually highlights the beauty of the curves, bringing a rounded and attractive visual effect.

The Curvy sex doll varies between strong and weak curves, as everyone’s understanding and preference for the “Curvy” figure are different. So many brands have launched Curvy doll with different busts, waistlines, and hip lines to meet the different needs of clients. These different combinations show different visual effects and provide customers with more choices.

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For example, WM DOLL 158CM L cup Leona, this Curvy love doll has a straight chest and full buttocks, paired with a very slender waist. This unique body ratio makes the curve of this TPE doll extremely strong, and is liked by many people. And SY Doll 163CM G cup Martha, its slightly sagging breasts and oversized buttocks form a MILF body Type, which has a mature charm. In addition, the last one is a doll from FantasyWives, I believe this will be a figure that everyone loves, full breasts and hip circumference, not too slender waistline, forming a perfect hourglass figure ratio.

Everyone has their unique aesthetics, whether it's a Curvy doll or other types of sex doll, they should be respected and appreciated. Of course, when buying sex dolls, you should choose according to your preferences and needs, no matter which body type of sex doll you choose, it can bring you a unique experience and enjoyment.

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