Siliko sex doll – a new brand of silicone doll venturing into the doll market

Siliko sex doll is a new brand of silicone dolls, the main feature of this brand is mainly Asian style dolls, and the price is under 2000 US dollars. If your budget is less than $2000 but you want to buy silicone sex doll, sametime you like Japanese style sex dolls, then the siliko sex doll will be a good choice.

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What are the feature of Siliko doll 

Weight reduce technique

Siliko has made weight reduction technology based on silicone dolls, so that the weight of a life size doll can be reduced by 7-10 kg. This not only greatly improves the sex experience, but also helps customer reduce transportation cost. And if you choose a body type like BBW sex doll, then your doll can reduce more weight. Even reduce 15 kilos.

EVO skeleton

The EVO's skeleton is very flexible, and the Angle of reach between the joints is greater than that of a normal skeleton. The EVO skeleton can help you unlock more sex poses for your doll.

Gel breast

On the basis of the original solid breasts, gel is filled in the chest, The gel breast sex doll which greatly enhances the softness of the chest and the feeling of real women's breasts.

Any other brand silicon sex doll similar like Siliko dolls can get ?

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