WM DOLL ,The Best TPE Sex Dolls-Pioneering TPE material sex dolls,Leading love doll Industry revolution

If you know the history of sex doll, you must know the WM DOLL brand. The words wmdoll symbolize a special meaning. The price of sex dolls changed from a luxury item that a few could own to a mass consumer item that everyone could easily own. The most important reason is that 10 years ago WM DOLLS developed TPE material and used it in sex doll products. Many sex doll brands on the market today are more or less related to wm sex dolls, so many brands and sellers have a special emotion for wmdoll. The best TPE sex doll brand. I don’t think anyone would disagree with that when it comes to wmdolls.

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Why should choose a WM doll ?

WM DOLLS- the world's largest sex doll manufacturer

WM DOLLS is the first manufacturer in the world to use TPE materials to make sex dolls, the current factory has about 200 people, and its own factory has an area of 12,000 square meters. The new factory is come into use 2024 after five years of construction.

Around 2014, sex dolls market only have silicone material. The main production countries of love dolls are the United States, Japan and Europe, and the representative brands have “real doll” from the United States, “OT doll” and “4wood doll” from Japan, and EXDOLL(originally called DSdoll) from China. Because the price of silicone dolls is very high, basically customers need to spend about $6,000 -$8,000 to buy it, then the very obvious problem is that not everyone can spend such a high price to buy a doll. Thus, the first generation of wm tpe doll appeared, the same live size doll body, with more customization options, a softer body, and more tear resistance. Most import is the retail price is only $1600 - $1999.

WM STPE doll bring tpe material doll new experience.

After more than 10 years of development of tpe dolls materials, WM doll has developed a new generation of tpe materials, wm called him STPE. The characteristics of this material are more realistic to the touch, and can achieve permanent realistic full body makeup, the material is softer than TPE, more tear resistant,, more dry and clear, to meet the medical food grade standards. At this point, the birth of stpe's new material will lead reall doll industry to continue to serve the majority of users in the next 10 years.


WM DOLL’s secret weapon and Red Dot award technique skeleton.

wmdoll's cold storage is the only company in the sex doll industry that has cold storage equipment to date. Due to the special production process of tpe doll, after the production of tpe pour, it is necessary to wait for 24 hours of natural cooling to open the mold and take out the product. After the use of cold storage equipment, wm love dolls only need to wait for about 10 hours to complete the production process, greatly saving the production time, and at the same time, the doll cooled by the cold storage, due to the large cooling range, has also produced a series of changes in material feature, making the adult doll's elasticity and tear resistance more excellent.

wm love doll is also the first company in China to develop TPE mouth head, tpe head hair plant and eyebrow plant, new EVO skeleton, double joints, etc. At the same time, the doll can customize functions such as breathing function, whole body heating, vagina suction, voice function, jelly breast and so on. There is also a weight reduction function for some models. In addition, wmdoll's new generation of spherical finger skeleton also won the German Red Dot award.

WMDOLLS intelligent doll vagina cleaner-Solve the pain points of sex doll cleaning 

WMDOLL also has a sex doll AI vaginal cleaner that is very popular with the majority of users. Due to the size and weight of the doll, it can be a headache to move the doll to the bathroom for cleaning after use. When wmdoll launched this product, it completely solved the biggest pain points for all doll owners. Under the premise of not moving the doll or wmdoll torso, using this smart vaginal cleaner, you can complete a series of operations on the doll's vagina cleaning, drying, and ultraviolet disinfection, and we need to do just by gently clicking the button on the smart panel with our fingers. All users have to use this product once, and they will never leave it again.

Is it possible to buy silicone dolls at wm doll

WM silicone doll Sub-brands Angelkiss silicone doll”

Of course, when the silicone doll is back in vogue, wmdolls is also advancing with The Times and launched the silicone sex doll brand angelkiss. The launch of the brand also filled the gap that wmdoll only had tpe dolls but no silicone dolls. Those who love wm doll product design can freely choose between tpe and silicone products.

WM porn sex doll with top famous porn stars.

Now wm has more than 400 heads and 50 bodies for customers to choose from. many of wmdoll heads is design by 3D technology. At the same time, wm worked with many famouse porn star to make their 1:1 full size sex dolls. Such as Eva Elfie,Lexi Luna, etc . you can see those wmdoll porn star doll in some vendor website.

Since 2016, wmdoll has participated in AVN in the United States and Erofame in Germany every year to communicate with their users and dealers face to face. also meeting some potential porn start.  On youtube and other Social media, we can easily search for wmdoll video. Some of popular videos are even 10 years old. This also shows the influence of wmdoll in the sexdoll market. Among them is a film nominated for the 2023 Academy Award for documentary. Much of the footage was shot in the wmdoll factory.

In addition, the world's most authoritative sex doll forum “The-doll-forum” can also see the influence of wmdolls. On the homepage, the wm logo and banner are prominently displayed. Since the beginning of 2014, we can find more than 10,000 articles on wmdoll review. Countless wmdoll owners, after they received their love doll , have written about their feelings of use here. Looking through these reviews, If you are a new person who has never touched a sex doll before, then wmdoll is definitely the first adult doll you should choice.

WM doll's gold standard customer service: An Irresistible Reason to Choose it.

Now we should mention the wmdoll brand customer service. In this regard, it should be said that wmdoll has achieved a height that no other brand in the industry can match. Whether it is the end user or the distributor, as long as the product has a problem, wm sex dolls will unconditionally support the user in the first time. No matter the cost, until the user is satisfied. It's hard for other brands to do that. Most of the time, users buy other brands of dolls, but when there is a problem with the product, the reply is "this is not the problem of the product itself", "this is the problem of use", "this is the problem of transportation", "this has passed the 3-month warranty period" and so on.manytime is difficult to get proper treatment or customer support after purchase doll and use. At this point, wm top sex doll gives you a reason you can't refuse. this is the reason why more and more people buy wmdoll.

WM stock doll plan bring the doll closer to you.

wmdolls has set up overseas warehouses in the United States and Europe, hundreds of  popular dolls are sent from wmdoll factories to overseas warehouses every month, which helps users save the cost of doll shipping and greatly shorten the waiting time. In general, users will receive wm stock doll 3-5 days after placing an order. most popular models of wmdoll, you can find in our stock sex doll sector.

WMDOLLS quick start guide- An Overview of Best-Selling Sex Dolls

If you want to get to know wmdoll as quickly as possible, then you also can take a look at the best selling sex doll section on our website,its can help you know this brand with shortest time.

If you want search according to your personal preferences,its also is a nice . 

Japanese dolls -154cm B cup doll Amy Kellogg, 160cm I cup Sarah Jane.

BBW dolls -163cm H cup doll Jasmine, 164cm J cup Hilary.

Skinny dolls -166cm C cup doll Vita, 172cm D cup doll.

Large breast doll,174cm G cup doll Bernice, 171cm H cup Emma.

Small breast doll, then 172cm B cup doll Maria, 160cm A cup doll Athena.

tan skin doll, most popular skin choosing of wmdoll .

At the begining wmdoll 100cm , wmdoll 140cm ,wmdoll 157cm loved by many people , latest of which, the 158cm L-cup Doll - Bimbo, has already received numerous fans without ever officially going on sale. Its unique body shape and face, in this era of public aesthetic fatigue, WM dolls like a torrent, impacting everyone's nerves. they also through these eclectic product design, to prove the industry leader position in the sex doll market. 

The main range of wmdoll price is in the $1600 - $1999, of course, this price is not the cheapest, but do don’t forget that this price includes most of the customization and top customer service service. If your budget is $1000 - $1599, then you can consider like wmdoll B19 torso doll or ask us about wm stock dolls.

Why Buy WM Sex Dolls At Fantasywives?

fantasywives is one of wmdoll's most important partners, and can do anything that seems impossible reached, like customizing makeup exclusively, like changing the size of the areola, and even adjusting the length of the doll vagina hole channel.Each day fantasywives will communicates with the wmdoll team to make sure that each our order is best arranged. If the customer receives the doll get the problems, fantasywives will help the customer in the first time to get the maximum help support from WM. 

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