Affordable Premium Quality Sex Dolls under 1000 dollar

FANTASYWIVES Hybrid sex dolls – The most cost-effective sex doll under $1000

Many people think that less than $1000 dollars full size sex doll is cheap sex doll, or nimi sex doll like 100cm sex dolls, in fact, this is not completely correct, $1000 dollars in the real doll is indeed a very low price, many brands of dolls are around $2000 dollars. But even so, $1,000 still is a lot of money. So make sure you spend your money well. Not because the price is cheap, but the doll in the hand is just a pile of junk. No body wants to spend $1,000, wait for weeks, receive a package, open it and find a bad quality doll with absolutely no value. If this happens, then next few days or several weeks your main working is deal with seller, you have to prove that the doll you received is a bad product, and the seller will not easily admit that the doll has quality problems. Therefore, do not ignore the most important things because of the that love doll looks cheap – the quality of the adult doll and customer servise!

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Is there a doll of high quality that can be bought with confidence under 1000 US dollars?

The most competitive sex doll section-Stock sex doll

If you live in the United States or Europe, it is common for you to order a sex doll on the Internet and wait 25-30 days for the package to arrive. Because the factory has received your order and needs to arrange production, it will take about 10-15 days. Then send it to you by Courier, which takes another 10-15 days here. Everyone knows that delivery fees are very expensive, so in the last few years, a very competitive product has emerged, the stock sex doll.

Whether you are in the United States or Europe, if you buy a stock doll, first of all you can get a better price, many dolls under 1000 dollars, are from stock dolls. In addition, from the time you place your order, you can receive your package within 3-5 days. Here are some of the more popular stock doll brands. SY stock doll , Tantaly stock doll,Lifanou stock doll,Jarliet stock doll .

FANTASYWIVES Hybrid sex doll

Sametime It is my great honor to introduce our realistic sex dolls -FANTASYWIVES Hybrid sex doll (TPE body with Silicone head, the most valuable doll under $1000 USD )

Before the appearance of this category, the doll below 1000 dollars is mainly tpe doll, cheap tpe doll mainly has two problems, one is a little ugly. Many of the body and head are copy from some good doll brands. So when they copy the model, the copy doll will get some shape changed, then their products are not so beautiful as original doll.

One disadvantage of tpe dolls is that the head makeup is not beautiful enough, and the makeup on the face will be absorbed by tpe materials, resulting in tpe dolls after a period of time, the head makeup will slowly fade. Compared with the tpe head, the silicone head is much more beautiful, and the makeup is more lasting and more three-dimensional.

So is it possible to have a better combination, that the tpe doll has the advantage of price, but also has the excellent makeup performance of the silicone doll? This is the new Hybrid sex doll- TPE body with Silicone head from Fantasywives dolls .

Now Fantasywives publish 6 Hybrid sex doll TPE body with Silicone head .

170cm (5ft7) I-cup – Griselda Europe style full size sex doll body and Hybrid head . 

170cm (5ft7) I-cup – Clara America style life size sex dolls with Hybrid exotic charm head .

163cm (5ft4) C-cup – Cornelia Asian style full size love doll with Hybrid silicone head

163cm (5ft4) C-cup – Sally Japanese style life size doll with Hybrid sex doll head .

161cm (5ft3) G-cup – Queena Huge breast mini sex doll body with Grey hair doll head.

161cm (5ft3) G-cup – Arlene Large breast doll with blond hair sex doll heads.

Torso sex dolls start from $150 Tantaly doll

Of course, you have more options, if you don't want to buy a full size sex dolls, then you can choose the torso dolls. It's easier to store and cheaper. Like tantaly doll that can be taken home for just $150.

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