Realistic Male Sex Doll and Shemale Sex Doll for Unforgettable Pleasure

If you are searching for a specific male sex doll that is not currently listed on our website, worry not! We offer custom ordering options to fulfill your unique desires. Simply reach out to us with the desired cock size, any additional information about the doll, and even a photo if you have one. Our dedicated team will be delighted to assist you in finding and acquiring the doll you desire at a competitive market price.

We understand that each individual has distinct preferences and fantasies, and we are committed to catering to your specific needs. With our custom order service, you can explore a wide range of possibilities and create a truly personalized experience with your male or shemale sex doll.

Our knowledgeable staff will work closely with you to ensure that the male or tranny love doll meets your exact specifications, from physical attributes to desired features. We prioritize your satisfaction and strive to deliver a doll that exceeds your expectations in terms of quality, realism, and pleasure.

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Male Sex Doll For Homosexuality

With the development of society, people are increasingly accepting and tolerant of the diverse choices of sexual orientation. Although not everyone can accept sexual orientation outside of heterosexuality, more and more people are willing to break free from traditional societal beliefs and shackles, and face their own needs. So, in order to meet the needs of male homosexuals, we have also made male dolls filled with male hormones.

Exploring FantasyWives: Choosing Your Ideal Male Doll Style

If you like men, what style of men would you prefer? In FantasyWives, there is a Japanese Shotacon style, having delicate facial features like a girl, a petite face, and fair skin, like a mischievous younger brother from a neighbor who will pounce on you in the next second, sweet and coquettish. Or does it look more mature and gentle in style? This type of male doll has these understated muscles, as the saying goes, "Wearing clothes makes you look thin, but undressing makes you feel flesh.". They appear slender and weak on the outside, but in fact, they have quite a few chest, abdominal, and arm muscles! Or does it look older and more stable with a gentlemanly style? A meticulously waxed hairstyle with a beard that highlights male charm. Perhaps accompanied by a pair of glasses, it appears rigorous and Sophisticated.

Male Sex Dolls’ Options Features, and Pricing

Male sex doll is generally around 170 in height. Considering the weight factor of the doll, around 170 is suitable for male height without appearing too bulky and inconvenient to transport. If you still find it too troublesome, we also have male sex doll torso. Unlike female sex dolls, the penis length of male sex dolls can be selected, including some male specific whiskers, goatee, chest hair, etc., all of which can be added as optional options.

Due to being taller and heavier than a female doll, the price of Male sex doll is also slightly higher, generally above $2500. However, there are also prices between $1600 and $1999. If your budget is not that high, you can choose a price that you can afford. Or grit your teeth, we support not paying in full at once. You can buy and enjoy it first, and then make regular repayments.

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