AI TECH doll-The pioneer of sex robot sex doll

When it comes to artificial intelligence dolls, many people’s first impression is the “Sophia robot doll” from Hanson Robotics. It debuted in 2016. It is known for its human appearance and expression, as well as its ability to communicate simply and answer questions. Sophia’s face has highly realistic skin that can simulate more than 60 human facial expressions. In addition, it is equipped with visual data processing and artificial intelligence software that can recognize faces, process visual data, understand language and communicate through natural language processing.

Sophia robot dolls is one of the most traveled robots in the world, but she is not a robot sex doll. covering multiple continents, including Asia, Europe, North America and Australia. Even spoke at a United Nations conference in Geneva, Switzerland.

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What kind of robot sex dolls is most famous

In the realm of robot sex dolls, RealDoll X is an inescapable presence. Around 2000, Abyss Creations introduced a high-end silicone robot love doll with integrated artificial intelligence technology. RealDoll X robotic dolls is equipped with advanced artificial intelligence that understands and responds to the user's voice commands, enabling it to communicate fluently in conversation. Thanks to the built-in mechanical structure, the doll can simulate basic human facial expressions, such as smiling, blinking, etc., to enhance the natural and realistic sense of interaction. Through an accompanying app, users can set the doll's personality traits, preferences and response patterns, so that the doll's response is more in line with the user's expectations and needs. At the same time, real doll X is made of high-end silicone material, which ensures soft touch and skin fidelity, while also facilitating cleaning and maintenance. we also can see some robot doll movie on youtube or their website.

What are the problems that robot doll have encountered at present

Perfect products don't always have a perfect market, and even star products like Sophia robot doll and realdoll X can't keep people's attention all the time, and AI TECH doll is no exception. From the very beginning of ai tech's appearance in the market, it has received very large attention. Although it is a very simple and rigid facial expression change, the optional English voice dialogue function makes everyone feel that the era of sex doll robot is coming soon! Because only products from China, it is possible to put this product that seems to only appear in scientific laboratories on the consumption list of ordinary people.

Unfortunately, after a few years, it is difficult to see ai tech robot sex doll videos and reviews today. Their website doesn't seem to be updated anymore. So... When will spring come for sex doll robot?

Fantasywives new Robot dolls will coming soon !

Very, very exciting time, that Fantasywives will launch AI robot sex dolls. this AI robot doll have many Incredible functionality, For example, this robotic dolls can actively identify the location of your penis and follow it and perform oral sex, whole-body tactile perception and emotional feedback, personalized characters into English dialogue, various facial expressions, whole-body one-click joint locking and lossing, VR interconnection, and so on. Let's look forward to the launch of this Fantasy wives robot sex dolls coming!

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