Package Tracking

If your package is shipped, we will send you a tracking number via email. Please ensure you keep an eye on your package's tracking information in case any issues arise, such as suspended tracking or a missing item, until it is delivered to your location. Typically, FedEx/UPS will handle the direct shipping of your package, providing quick logistics updates through the tracking number for you to monitor the delivery progress at any time. However, in certain cases, we may opt to transport your package by air to your country and handle customs clearance before FedEx/UPS takes over for final delivery and logistics updates. Until the package arrives in the US, the tracking number will only indicate the creation of the shipping label without any available logistics information. We understand that you may have concerns about the status of your shipment, and we kindly request your patience during this time. Rest assured, we take full responsibility for all our orders.

Delivery Alternation

Pick Up:

If you intend to collect your package from a FedEx/UPS store, kindly provide us with the address before the shipment is dispatched. Prior to heading to the store, please ensure to call them and verify if they allow package pickups. This step is important in case the package is delivered to an incorrect or refused address by FedEx/UPS.

Change Shipping Address:

Please double-check the accuracy of the shipping address before the package is shipped. If you need to modify the shipping address after the package has already been dispatched, please reach out to us first for assistance.

Change Delivery Time/Hold On:

If you are unable to receive the package at the estimated time provided by the courier and wish to modify the delivery time, you can directly contact the courier to arrange for a more convenient date. Once your order is processed and shipped, you will receive comprehensive information from the courier regarding your shipment.


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