If you are relatively familiar with sex dolls, you will definitely know the world's largest forum, TDF. And Irontech Doll has been recognized by TDF as authorized producer for four years. Irontech Doll offers a range of exceptional realistic sex dolls with innovative features. Notably, their advancements in skeleton design, lifelike skin texture, intimate touch sensation, and exquisite makeup have revolutionized the industry. These dolls come in various sizes and styles, presenting a captivating and creative appearance. Furthermore, Irontech Dolls are fully customizable, enabling customers to select different skin colors, eye colors, wig types, nail colors, and even decide whether the doll can stand or not. To enhance the authenticity, each Irontech sex doll is equipped with a cleaning device and heating rod, allowing users to control the doll's temperature for a more lifelike experience.

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Options Of Irontech Doll

Skin Color

TPE dolls

Silicone dolls

Body Painting Of Silicone Doll

Hair Implantation

Irontech Doll provides the option of implanting hair for their silicone series, which includes both male and female sex dolls.

Articulated Fingers

Auto Blojob

Irontech Doll recently introduced an innovative feature called the sex robot function, specifically an automatic blowjob capability. With this function, users can simply remain in a stationary position and indulge in an exceptional oral sex experience. The speed of the automatic blowjob can be easily adjusted by a remote control.

These dolls could have auto blowjob options:
For TPE dolls: 156, 158, 159, 161, 163, 163P, 164, 165, 167, 168, 170, 175cm For silicone dolls: 158, 160, 164, 168cm

Vagina Sucking

Similar to the Zelex Auto-sucking Vagina, it is operated simply by an external control to ensure a safe and convenient user experience.

Electric Butt

The enhanced electric butt is designed for plug-and-play convenience, delivering a smoother movement when a sex doll engages in sexual activities. When the doll rides on your penis, the rotation of the waist and hips can be visibly saw in the video demonstration.

Doll's Body Measurements

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