Dear FantasyWivesDoll community,

Exciting news awaits you today! The cutting-edge technology of weight reduction for WM TPE adult dolls has finally become a reality and is now officially available for purchase.

We deem that this will come as a delightful surprise to WM sex doll lovers.

Customers who are interested in silicone love dolls may be familiar with weight loss options. Many of the silicone doll brands featured on our website, like Zelex, Irontech sex doll, have already adopted this technology. However, when it comes to TPE dolls, this weight reduction technique is a novel development. At present, you can exclusively add the weight loss option to WM TPE adult dolls.


Why is there a need for TPE sex dolls to reduce weight ?

The weight of TPE dolls is always a hot topic among doll lovers in the sex doll community. Even with a comparatively small weight doll, 25 kg, handling such a doll can be challenging due to its lack of self-support. For instance, WM's most popular model, typically weighs 50kg, making it strenuous for individuals to engage in various activities with her. However, WM's latest innovation in weight reduction now allows the original 50kg doll to be dropped to a more manageable 33kg!

Human beings are essentially a combination of bones covered by skin. When you touch a person, you can feel both the softness of their skin and the underlying firmness of their bones. In contrast, a TPE love doll without the weight loss option may be soft to the touch but lacks the realistic sensation of having a skeleton. WM's slimmed-down doll, on the other hand, can provide you with a touch experience that is closer to the feel of a real human body.

Now, WM exclusively provides this option for three of their most popular body types: 168 cm, 163 cm H, and 173 cm.


The option to lower weight on the doll comes at a price of $150. If you're interested in getting a lighter doll, kindly leave a message in the order notes or get in touch with us through this contact link.

You can leave any questions about our doll below!