Piper Doll pays meticulous attention to every aspect and tailors the wig and dresses to perfection, ensuring that Piper Doll delivers an unparalleled experience. The doll encompasses intricate elements that render it truly breathtaking. Its remarkable softness and elasticity imbue a lifelike quality, closely resembling that of a human being. Rest assured, there are no unpleasant odors associated with the doll, allowing you to fully indulge in a gratifying intimate encounter.

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Body Options Of Piper Doll

Smooth Body

Thanks to its one-of-a-kind seamless neck design, this particular Piper Doll is crafted to emulate the appearance and sensation of a genuine human girl. While the head is permanently attached and cannot be detached, it remains fully poseable, allowing you to adjust it to the optimal position for both you and your partner. This feature enhances the visual appeal and sexual experience, making Piper Doll a popular choice among numerous doll enthusiasts.

Fixed Tongue

You have the option to decide whether you want to include a fixed tongue with your Piper Doll or not. Having a tongue enables the doll to exhibit a wider range of expressive facial features, lending it a heightened sense of realism. Even with a fixed tongue, oral stimulation is still possible and enjoyable with a love doll.

Movable Eyes

Piper Doll provides two eye options: movable eyes and fixed eyes. The movable eyes are exclusively offered in the Piper Silicone series, while the fixed eyes are available in the Piper TPE series.

Improved Skeleton

Piper Doll's upgraded skeleton operates by incorporating enhanced functionalities. The shoulders have the ability to perform shrugging movements, while the spine is designed to lean in both left and right directions. The legs are capable of bending downwards to reach the buttocks, and they can also be positioned into a W shape. These advancements in the skeleton mechanism allow for a broader range of movements and poses, ensuring a more realistic and customizable experience with the doll.

Hard Hand and Feet and Soft Hip

Piper Doll provides the choice of hard hands, hard feet, or a soft buttock configuration for their Piper Silicone series.

Doll Storage

Although the Piper Doll is designed as a seamless entity, meaning the head and body cannot be detached for storage purposes, it is recommended to hang the doll when not in use. Each Piper Doll comes equipped with a standard hook included as part of its configuration.

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