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Whether you seek a playful partner, a submissive lover, or a confident seductress, our realistic love sex dolls cater to every preference and desire. With their stunning beauty and impeccable craftsmanship, they are ready to fulfill your deepest longings and accompany you on a journey of sensual exploration.

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140cm/4ft7-149cm/4ft10 sex doll: Petite Gestures Show

It is noticeable that FantasyWives only sells full body sex doll that not lower than 148cm since it may violate the laws against teenagers figure. Therefore 140cm/4ft7-149cm/4ft10 sex dolls only include 148cm and 149cm on FantasyWives. The petite postures is manifested by skinny sex dolls on this range of heights. A skinny and comparably short sex dolls are meant to be easy to care and maneuver with most of the silicone materials. The 149cm sex dolls are not readily to be bent.

The skinniness is mostly shared with Japanese sex dolls, where the characteristics of a real person are precisely depicted. They are short but cute from every perspective, same as  140cm/4ft7-149cm/4ft10 sex dolls from FantasyWives. Elsababe, like its name, introduces lots of “babes” into the 140cm/4ft7-149cm/4ft10 sex dolls category. The most desirable 140cm/4ft7-149cm/4ft10 sex dolls are 148CM Watanabe Yuno and 148CM Aihara Mirai.

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