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Welcome to FantasyWives, where you can explore our extensive collection of life-size $1000 – $1599 Sex Doll. Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey of pleasure as you unleash your wildest desires with our premium selection.

Indulge in the sensation of their soft and supple skin, run your fingers through their luxurious hair, and lose yourself in their captivating eyes. With a wide range of options available, including different body types, hair colors, and facial features, you can find the perfect companion to satisfy your unique desires.

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$1000-$1599 Sex Dolls: All At Reasonable Prices

It is believed that sex dolls are sometimes luxurious for most of the people just due to their high prices, not every people would afford few sex dolls. However, FantasyWives is giving out the best quality $1000-$1599 doll to the customers with the best TPE and Silicone materials. They are beyond the average prices over the sex doll industry. The softness of the TPE materials body combined with the delicacy of silicone based doll heads – hybrid dolls add to the dedicated quality of $1000-$1599 sex doll.

Brands Leading the $1000-$1599 doll Range

Within the range $1000-$1599, FantasyWives is providing high quality premium sex dolls with many in-stocks, especially white sex dolls from US in-stock. Even though it is understandable that sex dolls from the stock are not expensive because customization on the dolls cannot be achieved, it is still of high purchasing powers according to the huge existence of garage systems on some brands such as Dolls Castle. It is one of the strongest in stock systems on the sex doll industry. The theme of weird styles of the Dolls Castle is utilized in this price range. Except for the Dolls Castle, SHE Doll is also contributing to the building of $1000-$1599 sex doll.

148CM D-Cup DuoDuo

160CM D-Cup Yuma

FantasyWives is making endeavors to give the best service on every price range and giving the customers best possible sexual experience with the lowest possible price.

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