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YL Doll Optioning

Realistic Oral Sex (ROS) 

The Realistic Oral Sex (ROS) Mouth, also referred to as the ROS Mouth, is an advanced mouth structure specifically designed to replicate oral activities with remarkable realism. This innovative feature incorporates a movable jaw, a simulated tongue, and soft simulated teeth, resulting in a heightened sensory experience for users.

Currently, the ROS feature is exclusively available on select head types including #273, #85, #432, #436, #452, #198, #266, and #398. It's important to note that WM Dolls, the manufacturer, is continuously working on developing new heads with the ROS mouth feature. This means that the list of compatible head types may be subject to updates and expansions in the future. Stay tuned for the latest developments from WM Dolls in providing an even wider range of choices for the ROS mouth feature.

Skin Color

TPE Skin Color

Breast Categories

YL Doll currently offers three different types of doll breasts: gel breasts, hollow breasts, and solid breasts.

Among these options, gel breasts are known for their superior jiggle and lifelike movement compared to hollow and solid breasts. However, when considering the type of breasts for your YL Doll, it's important to take certain factors into account.

For dolls with larger, heavier breasts, it may not be suitable to opt for solid or gel-filled breasts as they can potentially lead to tears in the breast material over time. Additionally, during transportation, gel-filled breasts may be more prone to bursting due to changes in air pressure.

If you are interested in adding a heating option to your YL Doll, it is advisable to avoid choosing gel-filled breasts. The reason for this is that the gel breasts may burst when exposed to heat.

When making your decision, it is recommended to carefully consider the size, weight, and intended usage of the breasts to ensure the longevity and satisfaction of your YL Doll.

Upgraded Skeleton

The EVO skeleton, available for YL Doll, is an upgraded metal skeleton that offers reinforced strength and improved shoulder mobility. With its enhanced articulation, the EVO skeleton enables your YL Doll to strike various poses and positions, giving her a versatile and dynamic appearance. Just envision the incredible range of yoga poses and expressive gestures you can explore with such flexibility and freedom.


Hyper-Realism Painting

When it comes to YL Dolls with hyper-realistic body painting, it is recommended to avoid excessive washing of the doll's body. The hyper-realistic painting technique used on the doll's skin is delicate and requires special care to maintain its lifelike appearance.

Excessive washing or scrubbing can potentially damage or fade the intricate details of the body painting, compromising its realism. Instead, it is advisable to use gentle cleaning methods, such as using a soft cloth or sponge with mild soap and warm water, to keep your YL Doll's body clean and well-maintained.

Tongue & Teeth Inserts

The teeth and tongue set enhances the realism of your love doll's appearance. However, it's important to note that this set is not compatible with silicone dolls and TPE doll heads with hair implants!

Articulated Fingers

WM Doll now introduces the second generation of articulated fingers for dolls with a height of 150cm and above. Introducing the latest advancement in hand skeleton technology: the 3rd generation of articulated hand skeletons. This upgraded version not only enhances the finger components but also incorporates a ball joint at the wrist, enabling even more versatile movement and flexibility.


The fingers are designed with a state-of-the-art "Damping Structure" and "Spherical Structure" to provide optimal flexibility and durability. These advancements ensure that the articulated hand skeleton offers enhanced range of motion and improved longevity.

Moaning System

When engaging with your real doll by touching her breasts or during sexual activity, activating this device will produce moaning sounds from your love doll. The sound system can be conveniently charged by connecting the power cord.

Body Heating

Included in your package, you will find a USB heater designed specifically to warm the orifices (mouth, vagina, anus) of your doll. Please be aware that this heating option is meant for warming the entire body of your doll.

To utilize the USB heater, connect it to your doll and allow it to warm for a minimum of 40 minutes. It is important to exercise caution and avoid overheating your doll by refraining from leaving the heater connected for excessively long periods.

During the heating process, it is essential not to use your love doll. It is strictly advised not to use the heating option while the doll is submerged in water. Additionally, always remember to disconnect the power before washing your doll or exposing it to damp or wet environments.

Vagina Auto Sucking Functions

Typically, it is not recommended to add the auto-sucking function to dolls that are shorter than 160cm and have a slender body type. However, if you are interested in incorporating this function for your WM doll, we encourage you to reach out to our customer service for further assistance and consultation.

YL Doll Model Body Measurement Data

Below is the detailed body measurement data for YL Doll.

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