How to Dry a Sex Doll: A Step-by-Step Guide

how to dry a sex doll

If you are a lifelike sex doll lover, you may know that you must strictly wash and dry your mouth after each sex use. Without this critical step, you may find that molds and even fungi will eventually be produced. The proliferation of fungi can prevent the model from having sex. As a porous material, TPE will make things more complicated. Therefore, you must take the cleaning and drying of human dolls seriously. It is important to keep the body surface of the doll clean because prolonged contact can cause sweat, body fluids, grease and other dirt to accumulate on the doll's surface. These dirt not only affect the appearance, but also may lead to mildew spots.

In this blog post, you will learn some tips to help you properly dry the doll's body, especially the doll's private parts, such as vagina and anus. These tips will help you keep your doll in its original state for years to come.

Materials and Requirements for Drying

First of all, we need you to prepare the following cleaning tools: 2 dry towels, warm water, soapy water, Vaginal Irrigator, sponge stick, soft brush, makeup remover, hairdryer, drying bar, talcum powder.

Soft towels or cotton cloth: gently pat the doll's surface to absorb excess moisture. Avoid wiping hard to prevent damage.

Ventilation: put the sex doll in a well-ventilated place to let the air circulate naturally.

Avoid direct sunlight: do not expose sex dolls to direct sunlight for a long time. Ultraviolet rays can damage the doll's skin and cause discoloration.

Mild soap-water mixture: if washing with a mixture of neutral soap and water, be sure to rinse all soap residues thoroughly before drying.

Before considering drying the body of the doll, it must be thoroughly cleaned and washed: no organic matter or lubricant should be left after this step.

Process for Drying

Step 1: moisten the soft towel with warm soapy water and wipe the doll's whole body carefully. If you encounter stubborn stains, you can use makeup remover oil to wipe repeatedly until the stains are completely removed.

Step 2: gently rinse the doll below the neck with warm water (avoid spraying water into the neck pipe), then gently dry the doll's body with a soft towel to make sure the excess moisture is removed.

Here, we must emphasize that the vaginal orifice must be systematically cleaned after each use of sex doll. No organic matter or lubricant shall remain for a long time. Otherwise, it will breed bacteria and accumulate dirt. We recommend using a special shower head to clean the doll. It allows you to effectively spray soapy water, rinse and remove any unwanted organic matter.

Step by step drying process:

Pat dry with a soft towel: place the doll on a soft towel and gently pat the entire surface until the excess moisture is absorbed.

Air-dry: dry the dolls in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place. Make sure there is no moisture left in any cracks.

Placement: place the doll in a natural position to ensure that all body parts are exposed to air.

Dry and powder: use a hairdryer to gently dry the doll at a low temperature and moderate wind to ensure thorough drying. Finally, you can brush a layer of talcum powder on the surface of the doll's body to increase the doll's softness and comfort.

Here we would also like to introduce to you some of dry a sex doll's tried-and-tested tricks! To make it easy for you to solve this problem.

Tips for Drying

Tip 1: use a water absorption bag.

To ensure that moisture is not expelled from the vagina or anus of the realistic doll, another way is to insert a hygroscopic bag into the vaginal orifice. This kind of accessory costs almost nothing and can help you keep the mouth of the model fresh and clean.

Tip 2: use a sex toy suction stick.

Suction sticks for sex products are expensive, but they are still very effective. This kind of suction rod is usually used to dry the mouth of a comfort device, vagina or torso doll, as well as the vagina or anus of a love doll. With this absorbent rod, you won't run the risk of damaging the doll's skin due to friction.

Tip 3, the effect is amazing: use female tampons.

An effective and little-known trick: use female tampons. Consider using it at the end of sexual intercourse to absorb most of the organic matter and lubricants immediately.

Regular cleaning of physical dolls not only keeps them clean, but also provides a more enjoyable experience, prolongs the life of the dolls, and ensures your safety and health. If you want to see how to dry a sex doll more intuitively? For this specific process, please move to our FantasyWives exclusive channel, which we mentioned in our previous episode “how to clean your doll?”. In addition, you can  also learn more about doll care and maintenance on our website.

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