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More Flexible: WM And YL Sex Doll’s Articulated Fingers

If you're tired of the inner metal wire piercing the fingers of your sex doll and desire more flexible one, then the articulated  upgrade is the perfect add-on for you! We are pleased to announce that WM Dolls factory now offers their full-size dolls with the newly improved hand skeleton featuring it. Indeed, the newly developed  upgrade is elaborately crafted with durable metal joints and rounded tips, prioritizing the protection of the doll's skin against being pricked. Additionally, this enhancement enables the dolls to replicate a wide range of hand gestures that were previously unattainable with the old wire. This advancement undoubtedly captivates the whole adult love doll community, offering an exciting and immersive experience.
To see how this articulated fingers upgrade can fulfill your requirements, please watch the video below.

1.The fingers upgrade is currently offered by WM Doll and YL Doll.

2.This premium add-on is exclusively available for TPE dolls measuring over 140cm.

3.It is important to note that the upgrade is not compatible with older WM dolls and cannot be changed or retrofitted.

4.The articulated fingers are made of metal instead of copper wire, ensuring enhanced durability and flexibility.

5.It is essential to avoid tangling it for optimal functionality.

6.Its Range movement provided by the finger is generally comparable to that of the previous wire hands.

The newly introduced articulated fingers provide an extended range of motion for the hands of the sex dolls. This includes the ability for upward and downward hand movements, allowing for various gestures and poses. The articulated one offer an impressive range of motion that is estimated to be around 95% comparable to that of a human hand. This high level of flexibility allows for a wide variety of hand gestures, including upward and downward movements, as well as internal and external rotation of the forearm.
If you’re interested in the new type hands, click it quickly and have a wonderful experience with your sex doll!

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