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New Function: Real Oral Sex

Recently, WM Doll has updated its function: movable jaw made by silicone, oral heating and oral sucking.

Let's go ahead and see them!

Silicone Movable Jaw

The movable jaw feature in a sex doll enhances its realism and interaction by allowing the doll's mouth to open and close naturally. This innovative feature adds a new dimension to the doll's expressions, enabling a more lifelike and engaging experience for users. By incorporating a movable jaw, the sex doll becomes capable of various poses, gestures, and even oral simulation, enhancing the overall level of authenticity and intimacy that it can provide. This advancement further bridges the gap between fantasy and reality, making the experience with the sex doll more immersive and satisfying for those who seek a heightened level of companionship and companionship.

Oral Heating

Introducing the oral heating function of our sex doll, designed to elevate your experience to new levels of realism and comfort. This innovative feature gently warms the doll's oral cavity, providing a natural and lifelike sensation during intimate moments. Immerse yourself in a heightened sense of intimacy and pleasure as the gentle warmth enhances your interactions. This cutting-edge technology adds a touch of authenticity, ensuring your encounters with the doll are as lifelike and enjoyable as possible.

Oral Sucking

Experience unparalleled pleasure with our sex doll's oral sucking function. This feature replicates the sensation of real oral stimulation, creating an incredibly lifelike and satisfying encounter. Through carefully designed mechanisms, the doll gently simulates a sucking motion, providing an intense and pleasurable experience. Immerse yourself in a world of heightened sensations as the doll's oral sucking function takes intimacy to new heights. Enjoy the ultimate indulgence and explore a realm of pleasure like never before.

Please Note: These functions are only applicable for Silicone Head S#266 S#273 S#198 LS#59 LS#60.

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