WM Dolls Unveils Innovative S-TPE Materials

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Leading the way in the lifelike sex doll industry, WM Doll has introduced its latest advancement: S-TPE, or Super TPE. This cutting-edge material is poised to redefine the benchmarks for realism and durability in the production of TPE sex dolls. With its advanced features, S-TPE assures a heightened level of realism, durability, and human-like experience for enthusiasts of TPE dolls globally.

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Properties of S-TPE

  • Tear resistance

Tear resistance has significantly improved, with joint areas exhibiting prolonged durability, lasting a minimum of 30 days without any signs of tearing—a remarkable eightfold increase compared to previous formulations.

  • Reduced Oiliness

Encountered frequently in porous materials such as TPE, S-TPE minimizes greasiness. It sustains a texture that is less greasy and more pleasant over time.

  • Elevated Authenticity

Similar to silicone, the material is non-translucent, allowing the application of silicone spraying techniques for achieving more realistic makeup compared to conventional TPE.

  • Increased Flexibility, Enhanced Elasticity

S-TPE delivers a softer, more comfortable feel while maintaining superb elasticity.
Withstanding a 15kg dumbbell on the doll's buttocks for three days, the material exhibited no signs of deformation.

  • Flawless Aesthetic

In contrast to silicone counterparts, S-TPE dolls boast a seamless construction without visible molding seams, ensuring a sleek and uniform appearance.
This seamlessness significantly contributes to the overall realism of the doll.

  • Simple Restoration and Environmental Responsibility

Restoring S-TPE is as uncomplicated as repairing standard TPE material.
S-TPE demonstrates environmental friendliness and recyclability, representing a notable stride in conscientious manufacturing practices.

By embracing S-TPE, the WM team remains at the forefront of the industry, offering enthusiasts dolls that not only meet but surpass expectations in terms of realism and quality.

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