Are Sex Dolls For Mentally Ill People? Are They Signs Of Loneliness?

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Under what circumstances would you consider buying a sex doll? Feeling lonely or disappointed with a human partner? Or do you feel that you have psychological issues and are unwilling to communicate with others, preferring the company of a doll? The use of sex dolls can be a complex issue that can be influenced by various factors, including mental health and loneliness, but these aspects must be considered separately.

Sex Dolls and Mental Illness

Sex dolls are not specifically designed for people with mental illnesses, and their use is not limited to this group. However, individuals with certain mental health conditions may use sex dolls for various reasons, such as dealing with social anxiety. Some people have social anxiety disorder and are unable to behave normally when facing strangers or in crowds. This group of people try to avoid sexual contact in real life due to trauma or fear, but sex is a normal physiological need, The emergence of sex doll not only solves the situation where these people need to avoid communication with others, but also meets their physiological needs. They achieve sexual desire in a safe and controllable environment. A small percentage of people also believe that having sexual intercourse with others is very dangerous. Even if safety measures are taken, they are afraid of contracting some painful diseases due to sex. So they chose a relatively safe sex doll to ensure their physical health. This may sound extreme and unbelievable. However, when facing different customer groups, the most important thing is for us to understand and respect each individual's cognitive differences and different ideas, and realize that psychological health needs are diverse and personalized.

Sex Dolls and Loneliness

Sex dolls can be used by people who have experienced loneliness. Many people buy sex dolls not only to satisfy their sexual needs, but also to satisfy their emotional needs. For example, when a person is struggling in a big city, it is inevitable to feel a bit melancholic in the quiet of the night and unable to find someone to confide in. After returning home from work, not only are you physically exhausted, but you also have to face an empty room, which inevitably leads to feelings of loss and loneliness. They just want someone at home to accompany them, relieve their stress, and receive some comfort, but finding a partner is not an easy task. So buying a sex doll is a top choice.  "Are Sex Dolls Worth It? Exploring the Value and Benefits."  For such a group, Sex dolls are worth buying as they can provide companionship and emotional comfort for those who feel lonely.

But it’s a kind of stereotype that sex doll buyers are all lonely that need solace from others. In FantasyWives, we have met some customers and chat with them. A part of them have very wonderful life. They have stable work and healthy habits like hiking or biking. This group of people living better alone and think it’s hard to keep an intimate relationship so they choose sex dolls to satisfy their need. For adults, having a sex doll is normal just like having condoms in their drawer of the bedside table.

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