Are Sex Dolls Worth It? Exploring the Value and Benefits.

are sex dolls worth it

Silicone doll, also known as physical doll, sex doll, is a highly realistic sex toy, its great function is to provide sexual services. Inflatable dolls have been mentioned in many movies and reports before. with the revolution of technology and the evolution of materials, there are now silicone dolls. People may need more sexual fantasies, such as visual and tactile stimulation, psychological satisfaction, resulting in a demand for simulated human toys. Silicone doll has a human form, it is actually a derivative of sex toys. Now the price of a sex doll on the market is about $500 to $2500, which is relatively expensive, so is it worth buying sex dolls? This blog article will help you analyze whether we should spend a lot of money to buy a sex doll from many aspects. And we believe you will figure out the question “are sex dolls worth it?”after reading this blog.

1, High Durability: Sex dolls are usually made of high-quality materials such as silica gel and TPE, which makes them very durable. They can withstand long-term use without damage or loss of shape, so they can provide you with a lasting sexual experience.

Characteristics of silicone materials:
Soft and comfortable: made of medical grade silicone, the texture is soft and comfortable to simulate the touch of the skin.

Safe and easy to clean: hypoallergenic, easy to clean, suitable for personal use, to ensure health and safety.

Lifelike texture: skin texture is similar to real skin, silky and delicate, increasing intimacy.

Temperature sensing: can quickly absorb and release body temperature, making it more lifelike and warm when in use.

Waterproof and antibacterial: with excellent waterproof performance and strong antibacterial performance, keep clean and hygienic, reduce health problems.

Characteristics of TPE materials:
Ultra-soft material: with excellent softness and elasticity, providing a comfortable and soft experience.

High quality and safety: it is a very safe material with high elasticity and tear resistance, in line with medical grade standards.

Realistic skin feeling: after special processing, it presents lifelike texture details and makes it more visually realistic.

These two materials have their own characteristics. Silicone materials are popular because of their lifelike texture, warm touch, waterproof and antibacterial properties, while TPE materials have become another popular choice because of their ultra-soft and lifelike skin feel.

2, Custom Selection: many sex doll suppliers offer a variety of customization options, including height, body shape, hair color, eye color, etc. This means that you can customize a sex doll that fully meets your expectations according to your preferences and preferences, so that it fits perfectly with your fantasy.

3, Provide Emotional Support: sex dolls can be an ideal choice for those looking for emotional support or companionship. They can provide comfort and companionship so that people no longer feel lonely, especially when they are lonely or anxious. Is a silicone doll a sex toy or a humanoid partner? For users, "sex doll" has a kind of stigmatization, as if he has a doll, he is a pervert. Users sometimes do not have sex with it, but also eat with it, hug, and call it "sex doll" as if it is dirty. Users need a more euphemistic and implicit term. In fact, this view of the definition and understanding of sex is too narrow, we need to broaden the definition of sex. Choosing to have a sex doll often shows that these users have higher needs and requirements for sexual satisfaction, they know what they want and take better care of their desires. Sex doll is an alternative choice in real life, similar to satisfying the psychology of love, but more inclined to possess and control a person. Some people may find it difficult to establish a good relationship because of setbacks in real life, or because some psychological needs are not met in real life, so they realize these fantasies by interacting with sex doll in the virtual world. Another feature of sex doll is that they are manipulated and irresistible, and the owner has control over the doll, a bit like SM. Some people may not be able to share their desires with their real partners, so they can be satisfied by interacting with dolls.

4, Security and Privacy: interacting with sex doll can be safer and more private than looking for an one-night stand or random date. You don't have to worry about the risk of sexually transmitted diseases or privacy disclosure, because sex dolls can fully meet your needs without having to share it with others.

5, Entertainment and Exploration: in addition to sex, sex dolls can also be the object of entertainment and exploration. You can enhance your sex life by playing with postures, changing clothes and exploring different sexual fantasies, thereby enhancing the emotional connection between you and your partner. Sex doll is just an external thing, but we can use sex doll as a mirror to understand the emotional relationship between you and your partner, to communicate with your partner, why one party needs sex doll, and what is wrong with their relationship.

In addition, we would like to answer a more frequently asked question, which is “are 100cm sex dolls worth it?”

Security issues of 100cm purchase.
If you want to buy a full body 100cm sex doll, then I suggest you must buy a doll with large breasts and a mature face, because the height of 100cm is the height of a child. If you buy a doll with small breasts and a young face, then you have to be careful. You are looking for trouble for yourself. Especially if you are a customer living in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, or Australia, you should be more careful, because the laws of these countries punish pedophiles very severely. When you order 100cm dolls from China to your country, it is likely to be seized and inspected by the customs of your own country. If the customs unpack and check that the doll belongs to child sex doll, then you will have a lot of trouble. The police will come to you to explain the situation, and may check your other personal belongings and so on. There have been a lot of news reports that the buyer who ordered child sex doll was sued and sent to prison. So, before you buy a 100cm doll, you must think carefully. The following 100cm dolls are all types that may arouse customs vigilance.

child doll
child doll2

If you still want to buy 100cm dolls because of price or convenient storage, then you need to choose dolls with big breasts and mature faces. please take a look at the pictures below to help you figure out what kind of 100cm dolls are safe for you.

mini sex doll 8
mini sex doll 6

100cm dolls are easy to store.
In addition, with regard to the storage of dolls, 100cm dolls are easier to carry and store. You can see how portable 100cm dolls are through the pictures below. You can easily put the 100cm doll in the lever suitcase, and the suitcase also fits your trunk. In this way, whether you move or take a short trip, you can easily carry the doll.

mini sex doll 7
mini sex doll 1
mini sex doll 9

100cm dolls can develop different postures.

100cm's doll is petite and light at the same time. So when in use, you can pick up the doll effortlessly. And can develop many different postures.

100cm dolls are easy to clean.

Because the 100cm doll is very light, when you have finished using the doll, you can easily put the doll in the bathroom for cleaning. At this point, 160cm's dolls are not available.

If you want to order 100cm dolls because 100cm dolls are cheaper, you can consider torso sex doll. Many life size sex doll brands have developed torso doll, where the doll has removed its hands and feet and retained its torso. Such a 170cm doll becomes 100cm's doll. Then the price dropped directly from $1500 to $2500 to $600 to $1200. At the same time, you have a beautiful face.

At present, there are brands that make torso sex doll with exquisite head sculptures.
WM doll, Irontech doll, if you want to buy sex doll around 100cm for less money, then you can choose climax doll without head.

wm torso
irontech torso

To sum up, if you need a doll around 100cm, then as long as you choose the right doll, it is definitely worth it. But only if you avoid suspected child sex doll dolls.

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