Who Invented Sex Dolls

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Who invented the Sex Doll?

Sex dolls, with their complex history and many forms in different cultures, have become a fascinating and ethically controversial topic especially around the question about who invented sex dolls. This exhaustive exploration aims to uncover the rich historical picture behind the history, technological innovations, and cultural significance of these synthetic partners.

One of the earliest anecdotes of sex dolls comes from the sea. In the age of exploration, sailors from Spain and Holland were known to make long and lonely sea voyages. To combat isolation and the lack of female partners, these sailors made "traveling ladies" or "traveling ladies" - early sex dolls made of stitched fabric or old clothing. These original dolls are more functional than refined, designed purely to meet physical needs during months-long voyages.

The development of sex dolls underwent a major shift in the 17th century, which was influenced by Dutch and German watchmakers. These artisans, known for their fine craftsmanship in making autonomous robots, began to apply their skills to making more elaborate figures with jointed limbs and more realistic facial features. These dolls are not only functional, but are often used as displays for wealthy families. This period marked an important chapter in the history of sex dolls moving toward more vivid and interactive designs.

The Silk Road was not only a key route for the trade of spices and silk, but also a bridge for cultural exchanges between the East and the West. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the concept of sex dolls was introduced to East Asia, especially Japan, where people called them "Dutch wives."  They are made of better materials such as leather and are carefully designed to provide companionship. Today in Japan, sex dolls are still referred to as "Dutch wives," indicating the lasting impact of this early exchange.

The narrative of who invented the sex doll shifted significantly in the 20th century, a period of rapid technological advances and changing social norms. The development of materials like vinyl made it possible to mass-produce more durable and realistic dolls. It was during this era that the modern commercial sex doll industry began to take shape, reflecting broader society's move toward greater sexual openness.

During World War II, it was widely rumored that Adolf Hitler ordered German soldiers to be given sex dolls to prevent them from coming into contact with local women or contracting sexually transmitted diseases. The initiative is said to be called Project Borgild and involves the production of realistic dolls for use by soldiers. While later research revealed these stories to be myths, they highlighted the enduring interest and mystery surrounding the origins and uses of sex dolls.

The late 20th century brought the silicone revolution, which pushed sex dolls to new heights of authenticity. Silicone and, later, thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) allowed for the creation of dolls that looked and felt extremely realistic. Companies like RealDoll are starting to produce highly customizable models that cater to a wide range of customer preferences. This period also saw the incorporation of advanced manufacturing techniques, including a jointed skeleton and realistic skin texture, making the doll more detailed and interactive.

Nowadays Explanations on Who Invented Sex Doll

Starting in 2023, with the rise of artificial intelligence, sex doll is also moving in the direction of robot sex doll. HarmonyX, launched by Realdoll, an American adult products company Abyss Creations, is a sign that robot doll is slowly trying to enter the lives of ordinary people. In addition to physical activity, Harmony also has simple voice interaction and face recognition functions. In addition, consumers can also carry out "private customization" according to their own aesthetic preferences. Of course, the price of more than $10,000 a piece keeps most people out.

CSTdoll, a doll brand from China, is determined to bring the robot sex doll within everyone's consumer reach. CSTdoll has been building a team to develop the robot sex doll since 2018, and has spent millions of dollars on development so far. CST's robot sex doll has been tested in the Chinese market. In addition to body movement, voice interaction, there are facial micro-expressions and other functions. CSTdoll's robot sex doll is expected to be available in overseas markets in 2025. A single doll is expected to sell for about $3000-5000. Hopefully, this price drop will bring more people to buy and use sex robot doll.

After all, will the next 100 years of human development develop into the movie "Westworld", where more than half of the people we meet in life are actually NPC robot doll? This is an exciting and creepy idea.

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