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How To Use Internal Heating System

Major manufacturers of sex dolls are actively striving to enhance the realism of their products. Besides upgrading how dolls look like, they have made some differences in internal function, including EVO technology, standing feet, and other enhancements, all aimed at inject new life into the dolls.

In order to enhance the dolls' realism further, an upgraded internal heating system is now available, enabling effortless warming of the sex dolls from within. If you want to know more about the newly improved heating system, continue to read!

Essential Information Regarding the Internal Heating System

The internal heating systems may vary slightly among different doll brands, but they function on a fundamental level in a similar manner. Sex dolls equipped with an internal heating system feature wiring distributed throughout their torso and private parts. A plug outlet can be found on the doll's body, allowing for connection to a wall outlet. Once plugged in, the temperature gradually increases to the designated level in approximately 40mins.

The Way to Use Internal Heating System (WMDOLL)

Firstly, Insert the power adapter into the electrical outlet and press the button on the adapter. If a green light shines, you can take the next step.

Secondly, connect the opposite end of the power adapter to the main power input in doll's body. The temperature display will show the doll's current temperature.

Thirdly, adjust the temperature to 48 degrees Celsius and wait the heating process for approximately an hour. The temperature display will continuously show the doll's body temperature while it heats up.


  1. Throughout the heating procedure, ensure that the doll is positioned lying flat, with its arms and legs extended in a straight manner. Avoid moving the doll's joints or making postural adjustments.
  2. Covering the doll with a blanket or wrap it could shorten the heating time.

3. Typically, the doll retains warmth for approximately 3-4 hours after heating, although its duration time may vary depending on the external ambient temperature.

Important Note:

Repairing or rectifying malfunctions in the heating system can be challenging or even impossible.

For customers have limited budget, they could have another choice to purchase a heating rod. Many brands will send the external heating device for free together with the purchased doll. This compact heating wand features a USB plug and can be inserted into the doll's vagina or anus to warm it before use. Subsequently, connect the opposite end of the device to a USB outlet, such as a phone charger or other compact electronic devices. Once connected, the doll will gradually reach the temperature resembling that of the human body within 15-30 minutes. This heating device is easily operated. However, it should be noted that the heating is confined to specific regions, which may result in a less realistic experience compared to an internal heating system.

If you prefer not to spend additional expenses on heating systems, here are alternative methods employed by sex doll owners to warm their dolls without the need for extra purchases.

The Heating Blanket

An electric heating blanket can be utilized to effectively warm your sex doll, providing an efficient heating solution. Additionally, it can be used yo heat clothes  like T-shirts, underwear, or socks andeven warm body parts.

Heating the lubricant

Heating lubricant refers to a water-based lubricant that generates a warming sensation when using.

Sleep with the Doll

Many doll owners opt to warm their dolls by sleeping with them beneath a cozy blanket. The TPE material of the doll absorbs body heat, and the blanket helps retain the warmth for an extended period.

If you have any good ideas on methods for heating sex dolls, please feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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