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A Brief Introduction About Zelex Silicone Sex Doll

About Zelex

Founded in 2013, Zelex is considered as one of the best silicone dolls manufacturers in this industry. Although they are thought as a new comer by lots of people, in fact, they have around 10 years’ experience of producing sex dolls. They mainly focus on HD silicone dolls and endeavor to manufacture perfect workmanship with impeccable details.

In pursuit of more realistic attributes and proportions as human bodies, Zelex employs real people model to make sex doll molds. Using the wax-level craftsmanship, those beautiful silicone ladies are given distinctive feels and of high quality. Want to buy a sex doll in promotional poster? Zelex silicone dolls are strongly recommended as great choices.

What’s Zelex New Inspiration Series

Not only does the delicate makeup and body details be retained, Zelex also cares about consumers feedback, adopting parts of their advice to refine products details, add an exclusive realistic oral structure design and movable jaw for closer to the real feeling of human body.

Combining 3D scanning and 3D printing skills, Zelex creates softer bosoms and hips which have similar feelings like real person when kneading them. Meanwhile, to satisfy the personal requirements of guests, Zelex introduce a separate vagina with exchangeable labia. What’s more, compare to previous sex dolls, Zelex Inspiration Series add a special color sealing process used in dolls’ head and body makeup. Thus, these charming dolls can accompany you for a longer time and are more durable. (click here to learn more)

Zelex X65 Gel-filled Buttock Softness Demo

Inspiration Series – Gel Butt/Soft Butt is only available for 170cm & 165cm & X165cm Silicone bodies.

Inspiration Series – Movable Jaw is only available for GE97, GE94, GE95, GE45, GE53 & GE07 soft Silicone heads.

Selections of Zelex Silicone Dolls

1. Body Type

We provide you 5 most popular Zelex body types at : 155cm C-cup, 165cm F-cup, 167cm E-cup, 170cm C-cup, 172cm F-cup.

Please notice that according to legal norms, dolls shorter than 148cm (includes 148cm) are not allowed to sold.

Below are the specification of the products mentioned above.

2. Zelex Sex Doll Body Data

3. Zelex Sex Doll’s Soft and Hard Head

Generally, you will receive one soft silicone head and another hard silicone head from Zelex. For instance, you buy one heard head and you can also get a soft head for free.

Soft Head and Hard Head

The soft silicone head’s oral structure is about 12 cm deep, which makes customers have a better oral sex experience. Also, its soft and smooth lip makes it more comfortable to kiss.

  • Only hair implantation and eyebrow implantation can be added to hard head.
  • It is less durable of makeup on silicone soft head than on hard head.

We provide all kinds of Zelex dolls, if you have any questions about the doll you want to buy, please feel free to contact us and we will try best to give clear answers.

4. Synthetic Hair or Real Human Hair: Evaluating Options for Hair Transplant Procedure.

5. Testing of Soft Breast, Oral structure and Jelly Buttocks

You may be curious about what’s Zelex secret skill to make dolls’ breast so soft to greatly increase your sex experience. The answer is high-precision 3D printing technology which has accurate operation on gel breast.

6. Newly Introduced Finger Articulation Option

Now it is available for all Zelex silicone dolls to be equipped with articulated fingers.

To avoid the problem of finger bones poking through the skin, Zelex have hard hands on every sex dolls.

7. Natural-looking Customized Makeup

From the freckles and bikini line, you could find that Zelex pursues the most detailed skin texture for consumers to have the most wonderful experience.

8. Lighter Weight

Weight reduction is a default option for Zelex dolls. All the models customers received are after weight loss, which are more convenient for them to carry and move.

9. Zelex Doll's Metal Support Structure.

Flexible Body - Various Postures

10. Automatic Sucking Function

11. Expression Skeleton Of Inspiration Series

Now Zelex has introduced EXP skeleton. Different from traditional EVO skeleton, the new one enables dolls to be posed in a more natural posture and looks more real like human.

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