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ZELEX Inspiration Series Has Arrived

ZELEX’s new Inspiration Series of silicone dolls has been formally announced its on Aug 31, 2022.
With this upgradation, you will know more about the doll realism in a brand-new way. Here are the details about it, let’s just have a look together!

1. New Color Sealing Process

The Inspiration Series keeps the initial exquisite makeup of the doll and retains its body details. Additionally, it has advanced a new process, color sealing, which makes doll’s make up looks more stereoscopic and increases it’s durability.

2. True Restoration of Oral Structure

Inspiration Series also has a new and unique design of oral structure, which maximizes the restoration of oral structure of human body. What’s more, with makeup specially designed for that and with movable jaw, the doll looks more lifelike when mouth opening. Imaging the doll standing in front of you, you will feel like that she is your girlfriend in real life and is about to say something to respond to you. It must be mentioned that you will experience an unexampled wonderful feeling from the complete oral structure when using it.

3. Softer Breasts and Kneadable Buttocks

According to the feeling based on real human body, the Inspiration Series has upgraded the doll’s breast and buttocks, making it have softer touch and more resilient as a real person.

4. Replaceable Labia

In order to satisfy consumers’ requests of labia shapes, Inspiration Series has produced detachable vaginas in different labia shapes, which enables different people to choose more suitable one and enjoy more comfortably.

Special Offers For Zelex Inspiration Series

1. We provide FREE upgradation for silicone dolls of 170 cm with gel butt and split vagina options.

2. Head numbers are E45, GE53, and GE07 could be upgraded the latest Series with movable tongue and complete mouth for FREE if you choose a soft head.

3. Starting from September 1st, the Inspiration Series will offer complimentary upgrades to the silicone body, incorporating the most up-to-date techniques for coloring, color sealing, and enhancing the chest area with gel (excluding the flat chest option).

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