Jasmine Sex Doll: One Of The Best Seller Of WM Doll

Jasmine Sex Doll: One Of The Best Seller Of WM Doll

If you’re familiar with sex dolls, you probably know the WM Doll brand. WM Doll is a renowned name in the sex doll industry, known for creating high-quality, realistic sex dolls made from silicone and TPE materials. The brand is famous for its exquisite craftsmanship, detailed features, and extensive customization options. WM Doll offers various body types, facial features, hairstyles, and other customizable options to cater to different preferences. Among their popular models is the Jasmine Sex Doll. If you're unsure about which high-quality doll to buy, consider the Jasmine Sex Doll.

Jasmine Sex Doll: Large Breast Sex Doll

The Jasmine Sex Doll stands 163cm tall, a common and manageable height that resembles a real woman and is easy to move around. However, her cup size is H, making her a big-breasted sex doll, perfect for those who prefer large breasts. The large chest does add to the overall weight of the doll. The doll’s breasts don't have to be solid; we offer three different breast options. If you choose hollow, the breasts will be lighter. Solid breasts provide a more realistic feel. We recommend the gel-filled option as it combines fullness with softness and is free of charge.

The popular Jasmine Sex Doll has straight bangs and a short, clean haircut. She has an Egyptian-like appearance with dark, defined eyebrows, deep, captivating almond-shaped eyes, thick eyelashes, and dark-toned eye makeup, giving her a mysterious look. Her slightly open mouth suggests a smile yet exudes an aloof charm that invites closeness. The designers opted for strong, muscular legs instead of the long, slender legs typically associated with beauty. This makes Jasmine Sex Doll appear more realistic and healthy. Her slightly rounded stomach adds to her lifelike appearance, making her look more like an average woman.

The Jasmine Sex Doll supports full-body customization, from the color of her fingernails and toenails to the type of skeleton. The latest S-TPE material is softer than regular TPE without compromising realism, is more tear-resistant, less oily, and lighter. This helps reduce the doll’s overall weight, especially beneficial for dolls with large breasts. Jasmine's skin color options include standard shades, black, and an interesting Cocoa Color. Eye color is also customizable, with gold and purple being popular choices for enhancing her mysterious and charming look. For added realism, we offer free hyper-realistic body painting or freckles. The new ball-jointed hand skeleton 3.0 provides more flexibility for her hands and fingers, allowing for various poses.

Are you excited about WM Doll’s popular Jasmine Sex Doll? Order one today and see for yourself!

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