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New Arrivals | Exploring The Enchantment Of Sex Dolls Under 160cm

Within the realm of intimate companionship, the sphere of adult love dolls presents a wide array of options to accommodate a multitude of tastes and preferences. Height frequently emerges as a pivotal factor in the decision-making process for many individuals. This prompts the question for some:"Is a sex doll standing at less than 160cm your preferred selection?"


Funwest has been steadfast in providing dolls with a petite build, and their most recent addition to the lineup is no different. Allow me to introduce their latest creation: a 157cm TPE doll adorned with captivating blonde hair, enticing lips, and a substantial weight of 40kg, which is noteworthy for a TPE doll. Nevertheless, what has consistently distinguished Funwest dolls is their remarkable facial makeup, a feature that has remained a cherished preference of mine.

WM Dolls occasionally dabbles in the realm of dress-up dolls, but upon closer inspection of the images and outfits, it becomes apparent that this isn't their strong suit. Her appearance evokes comparisons to Alice from the Unlimited Force, featuring a pink leather jacket and twin ponytails. With a height of 154cm, she exudes a distinctly petite presence. What are your impressions of her? Do you find her attractive?

Doll Castle consistently showcases their commitment to innovation, and their latest offering is a shining example of their design team's creativity. This doll, styled with a "zombie" theme, boasts a mouth reminiscent of a carnivorous flower, which certainly sets it apart from other dolls available in the market. However, at a modest height of 156cm, she may not evoke the level of scariness one might anticipate. What are your impressions of this unique and imaginative creation from Doll Castle?

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