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Newly Launched: WM/YL Doll’s Breathing System

WM and YL, renowned manufacturers of realistic sex dolls, have consistently strived for innovation and improvement in their TPE/silicone doll offerings. Recently, they unveiled a highly anticipated addition to their love dolls: the Breathing System.

This exciting new feature enables WM (Jinsan Doll)/YL dolls to replicate human-like breathing. Their chests exhibit rhythmic movements, simulating the natural rise and fall, closely mimicking the process of human respiration. Here are some pictures that show the various options you can choose when buying sex dolls.

Please note that the lungs depicted above are purely for conceptual representation. In reality, a box-like mechanism is implanted within the doll to facilitate the breathing system. It's important to know that this breathing system option is not compatible with the heating body feature. You cannot choose these two functions at the same time. To access the ON/OFF button and charging port for the breathing system, they are located under the doll's armpits.Once fully charged, the doll can sustain its breathing function for approximately 3-4 hours.
The sex doll industry continues to push the boundaries of realism and convenience with the development of various features. At the 23rd annual "China Sex Culture, Adult Products, and Health Care Products Expo" leading doll brands showcased their latest and most popular creations. Among them, WM DOLL (Jinsan factory) unveiled their groundbreaking innovation: an ultra-light 164 cm silicone sex doll weighing merely 19 kg. This significant reduction in weight signifies Jinsan's commitment to revolutionizing the sex doll industry and is anticipated to have a transformative impact.

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