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Established in the year of 2016, SEDOLL stands as one of the foremost creators of top-tier TPE sex dolls. Employees in this corporation come from different nations and it has its primary production facility located in Shenzhen, China, while also maintaining two global business offices in America and China.

Throughout their history, they have consistently maintained a leading position in the fashion world, with a particular focus on manufacturing female sex dolls. Many of their doll models, both in terms of bodies and facial features, have gained immense popularity. When it comes to their full-size doll collection, they offer a diverse range of styles, with anime sex dolls and Asian sex dolls being especially prominent.

As a renowned brand in the sex doll industry, SEDOLL has consistently striven to enhance and expand the advanced features of their sex dolls. They continuously improve various upgraded options, such as articulated fingers, heating capabilities, and even a moaning function. These innovations ensure their sex dolls closely resemble actual human and aim to offer customers an unparalleled experience.

The JinSan factory manufactures both WM dolls and SE dolls. A notable feature of SE dolls is the utilization of M16 head connectors, ensuring compatibility with all WM dolls.
Now Let’s see the details of the SEDOLL options.

1. Skin Color

Four types of skin color are commonly provided by SEDOLL: Dark Tan, Light Tan, Natural, and White.

If you like other special skin colors, for example, green, pink, purple, you can choose to have it custom-made. SEDOLL will do everything possible to achieve your desire.

Please write down the skin color you prefer in the order notes.

2. Articulated Fingers

The enhancement of articulated fingers is attentively crafted, featuring robust metal joints and rounded tips that provide protection to the skin, reducing the risk of punctures or damage.

3. Voice and Heating

Typically, the motion sensors are internally installed within the doll, while the sound device is affixed to either the head or other body parts. The operation of the sound device is manually controlled using switches or buttons. Upon activation, pressing these controls will result in your doll emitting moaning sounds in response to touch or movement. Click here to learn more about the moaning function!

Sex dolls equipped with an internal heating system feature wires that run throughout their torso and private parts. By connecting the doll to a power outlet, the temperature gradually increases and reaches the desired level within approximately 20-30 minutes.(Related Blog: How to Use Internal Heating System )

4. Fixed Tongue

Sex dolls with a tongue can engage in oral sex, further enhancing the realism of the sexual experience.


If you want a silicone sex doll, then replaceable vagina, heating and tongue options cannot be decided by yourself.

It is advisable to avoid engaging in oral sex with silicone head dolls as it can potentially cause damage to the head due to its delicate nature.

Silicone material does not possess heat-conducting properties inherently.

When handling the detachable vagina, it is important to exert some force to pull, but caution must be mentioned as excessive force can result in tearing of the lower body.

5. Hyperrealism body painting

Realistic body painting primarily aims to replicate the texture of natural skin, encompassing details such as blood vessels, freckles, and even imperfections.

Upgraded options exclusively available for SEDOLL silicone dolls include the choice of hardened hands and feet, along with ultra-soft breasts and hips.

6.Enhanced Hands & Feet - Increased durability, heightened realism

Reinforced with additional support on the fingers and wrists, hard hands offer great protection against stress and potential injuries. These hands are strong and firm enough to bear their weight and even can be posed in a way that needs wrist support.

With hardened feet, there is no need for additional supports.

Unlike regular dolls that require stands or supports, dolls with hardened feet can stand independently. This eliminates the need for studs or other standing aids. Additionally, studded feet can potentially cause wear and tear on shoes or floor if the doll is left standing for a long period.

7. Supremely Soft Hips & Breasts

Silicone dolls, known for their durability, tend to have a firmer texture compared to TPE dolls. However, opting for firm breasts and buttocks can compromise the tactile realism. To address this, the super-soft breasts and buttocks option serves as an ideal enhancement for silicone dolls. With these options, your doll's chest and buttocks will feel incredibly soft, similar to the gentle touch of water or jelly, preserving a heightened sense of realism.

8.Automatic sucking

Automatic sucking function is accessible only for 150cm, 158cm and 163cm SE sex dolls.

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  1. Gerald Jones says:

    This is nice great job what is the cost ?

    1. Hi dear, SE dolls’ price is around $1,800 and you could use coupon code to buy a doll at a cheaper price. Click the SE Doll in category “Top Brands” to know more about it!

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