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Sanhui Doll Is Accessible Now!

We have consistently sought high-quality sex dolls to offer our customers a broader selection at more accessible prices. And a good news is that recently we have welcomed SANHUI Doll joining in our omline shop. Established in 2010, SANHUI Doll is situated in Nanning, China. Being a prominent manufacturer of silicone sex dolls in the country, SANHUI Doll has remained dedicated to delivering its clientele with the utmost realism, safety, superior quality, and long-lasting dolls. Now let's see the pictures and have a quick understanding about SANHUI Doll.

1. Traditional Skeleton and New Flexi Edition Skeleton

You can see from the two pictures below. The doll in blue is equiped with traditional skeleton and another is with new flexi edition skeleton. Obviously, doll with flexi edition skeleton could  bend to a greater extent, more soft and could pose more.

2. SANHUI Realistic Skin

SANHUI dolls' skin texture are very smooth and they simulate the real human skin.

3. Enhanced Mouth Adjustability - Enabling a Greater Range of Facial Expressions.

The latest adaptable mouth feature permits a wider array of facial expressions, including smiles, sadness, anger, and more.

4. SANHUI offers four additional implantation options: supple breasts, a soft belly, a gentle buttocks, and tender thighs.

These four implantation add-on options contribute to a heightened realism in the dolls.

Now, our newest collection of SANHUI Silicone dolls is officially accessible to all enthusiasts of sex dolls!

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