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Selecting from Different Sex Doll Breast Types – Solid, Hollow, or Gel-Filled

Are you most interested in women’s ample bosom when compared to other body parts? If so, considering the option of Sex Doll Breast is highly recommended. This blog aims to provide you with additional details regarding the available choices for sex doll breasts. We hope this information will assist you in making a well-informed decision about the desired type of breasts for your sex doll."

For breast types, there are three primary options for you to choose: solid, hollow, and gel breasts. In the following sections, we will have more details about these choices.

Solid Breast

Solid breast, also referred to as standard breasts, are filled with high-quality TPE or silicone material. The breasts appear hard, while still offering a satisfactory level of softness and springy touch in good TPE and silicone material. If you are not that strict in breast option, there is no need to upgrade them, as the solid breast option provides a realistic experience.

Hollow Breast

Distinct from TPE or gel, hollow breasts are filled with air, which are highly soft and more lifelike, giving the users a unprecedented experience when squeezing the boob and looking them bouncing gaily. There is no additional cost involved in upgrading to hollow breasts, making them an excellent choice for those who desire a pair of extremely soft and lightweight breasts. Opting for hollow breasts can also help reduce the overall weight if you prefer a curvy sex doll with large breasts. However, if you have a strong preference for heavier breasts, this may not be the ideal choice for you. Hollow breasts can be easily damaged and will say if ruptured.

Gel Breast

Gel breasts offer the optimal choice for achieving lifelike breasts on a sex doll. They possess a softness akin to hollow breasts while maintaining a solid and perky texture similar to real breasts. The gel material employed in these breasts closely emulates the natural feel and motion of genuine breasts, much like those found in real women. Additionally, their softness ensures minimal susceptibility to sagging. Opting for gel breasts presents a valuable enhancement if your preference lies in attaining the most authentic and realistic sex doll breasts.

Not all the brands have gel-breast option.

Softer Breast

A few consumers desire softer boobs and buttocks. To satisfying their needs, some doll manufacturers like WM. Irontech have introduced their new series.

Note: Please Avoid applying pressure to the softer buttocks or breasts when they are not in use, as extended pressure can lead to deformations or discomfort. And Please notice that factories do not offer after-sale support if there are damages on super soft breasts and buttocks.

Restrictions When Choosing Sex Doll Breast Option

When considering breast options, you need to know the following general restrictions.

  1. Cups smaller than C cup can only choose solid breast.
  2. Only cup size above H can have the hollow breast option.
  3. Cups from B to F are accessible for gel-breasts.

Please leave your questions in the comment area if you are confused with above content.

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