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Comparing the Standard Skeleton with the Upgraded (EVO) Skeleton: Key Differences

When buying the sex dolls, many new buyers may doubtful about choosing whether standard skeleton or EVO skeleton. So how to make a difference between these types? Let’s see and know more about the details.

Tradition Skeleton

  1. Dolls with standard skeleton cannot shrug.
  2. Basically all standard skeletons can only bent forward and backward but cannot bent leftward or rightward.
  3. The elbows and knees can only bent in a small angle, and the maximum angel is 90 degree.

New EVO Skeleton

  1. Better than standard skeleton, the upgraded one could have shrug posture, which makes it looked more lively like a real person and can present more postures.
  2. The EVO skeleton spine is more flexible that can bent in left and right directions, which increase its convenience for doll owners to have more fantastic sex experience.
  3. Legs can be bent to touch doll’s butt.
In comparison to the standard skeleton, the EVO skeleton is a more advanced framework that offers exceptional flexibility. It allows for more natural and lifelike posing, whether it's for modeling, photography, or even sexual positions. Certain brands like WM, Piper, and Starpery have taken the EVO skeleton even further by incorporating double-jointed arms and legs, enabling the doll to mimic authentic human movements such as squatting, stretching, and kneeling. Typically, upgrading the skeleton of your doll requires an additional payment. If your requirements primarily involve simple postures and not extensive joint flexibility, the standard skeleton will suffice. However, if you consistently desire increased flexibility and a wider range of poses for your dolls, the EVO skeleton is the optimal choice.

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