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Short Introduction of Lubricant-Free Vagina

Know about Lubricant-Free Vagina.
Also known as water-lubricated vagina, the lubricant-free vagina is an innovative choice available for sex dolls. It offers a convenient solution for instances when lubricant is not readily available. By pouring water into the vagina, you can experience a lubricating effect, providing an effortless way to enjoy the doll's features. Isn't it remarkable?
Now, let’s find more details about this new alternative.

About using.
Similar method to lubricant, just replace lubricant with water.

About working.
As you engage in movement, the lubrication will progressively improve. This water-based lubricant is not only effective but also simple to clean.

Why it doesn’t need extra lubricant?
During the doll's manufacturing process, the concentrated lubricant is blended into the vaginal material. Once water is poured into the vagina, the condensed lubricant dissolves, resulting in the production of a water-based lubricant within the vagina.

How many times can it be used?
Following dissolution, the concentration of the lubricant will diminish. The number of uses can vary depending on the amount of water poured and the duration of each use. Typically, it can be utilized for more than 20 sessions.

Presently, only 6 specific brands, WMDOLL, YL, SEDOLL, OR, XY can provide lubricant-free vagina.

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