Special Affection On Alien Sex Doll? Dolls Castle Satisfies What You Want

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Do you believe that there really are aliens? People are always extremely interested in things that are unknown or cannot be explained by science. For a long time, there have been many videos or photos on the Internet, boasting the existence of "UFO" or "aliens". Even many film and television works surrounding aliens have been extended. People have various fantasies about foreign creatures. For example, having long limbs but wide soles. Or they may have antennae that resemble insects growing on their heads, with eyes occupying half the size of their heads. Or some may have skin that is all blue, purple, or red.

In recent years, the popularity of science fiction movies, TV dramas, and novels has sparked a strong interest in extraterrestrial life and the science fiction world. This interest has extended to the adult product market, giving rise to sex toys themed around aliens. On the other hand, the adult products market is constantly segmented, and consumer demand is becoming increasingly diverse. Some consumers hope to satisfy their curiosity and fantasies through novel experiences, and alien sex doll has emerged.

Sex Dolls From Dolls Castle

Do you know Dolls Castle sex doll? If you want to experience unusual dolls to satisfy your unique quirks, we suggest you come to FantasyWives to take a look at Dolls Castle dolls. At his house, you can see Valeria's baby breasts as big as watermelons, and she can sleep on them like a pillow. Or it could be Carol, a doll with two pairs of eyes and six breasts, giving you an extraordinary visual impact. Or Miriam, a cute cat girl doll, with a pair of flesh pink Cat's ears and a three petal mouth like a kitten, it seems that a kitten has really become a human.

Attracting Style -- Alien Sex Doll

Of course, the most distinctive one is the alien doll from the Dolls Castle family. Not only do they come in various skin colors, but each alien sex doll also has a different head shape.

The hair of the blue skinned alien Zosia from the blue planet is not like that of humans. Her hairstyle is shaped like two half open shells, integrated with her head. The skin of Zosia sex doll, except for the areola and vagina which are pink in color, is completely blue. The paint spraying technology of doll castle is very mature, and the skin color is uniform and natural. Of course, you can also choose other colors of areola color or label color instead of taking consistent pictures. Unlike the serene blue, the skin color of Alien Sex Doll Debby is a dazzling red flame. Her hair is like octopus claws resting on her shoulders. Alternatively, it could be Alien Sex Doll Anatasia with purple skin and pointed ears, whose light purple skin makes her appear even more mysterious.

Most of the alien sex doll in Dolls Castle Sex Doll are tall sex doll. They are 168cm tall and 170 cm tall. This tall doll will appear very sexy, with beautiful body curves. But at the same time, weight may also be heavier due to higher height.If you like love dolls like that kind, be sure you have a small wheel cart in your home or something like that could help you to move the love doll. And even alien sex doll have special skin color and unique head, they are not expensive sex doll and most of them sells at around $1500, which affordable for most doll lovers. They are all TPE sex dolls, which makes their makeup and body paint more realistic. Here, we’d like to suggest you to choose Hyper-Realism Body Painting. This is very worthy because it is free for you and you could get a realistic doll which has skin texture like real person. Also Dolls Castle provides free EVO skeleton. If you have some experience you will know that this upgrade skeleton could make your doll shrug. A small change but makes the doll looks like it has emotions like humans.

For those out of ordinary sex dolls like alien sex doll, you must be careful about their color. Just like clothes, alien dolls which has brights skin colors will face the problem of color fading issue or coloring problem. We suggest doll lovers to learn something about how to keep or take care of such dolls. But don’t be too worried about the color problem. Alien sex dolls’ color could keep for a long time just if you don’t rub against it hard.

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