WM Hygiene Kit: Simplifying the Process of Female Private Care

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A genuine adult love doll, an incredibly realistic emulation of the human form, offers an immersive and satisfying sexual encounter. Similar to the upkeep required for any intimate product or sexual engagement, ensuring proper hygiene is paramount when using a sex doll. This includes meticulous cleansing of the vaginal area following each use.

Several key motives for maintaining vaginal cleanliness

1. Protect Yourself

Ensuring hygiene is a fundamental rationale behind cleansing the vagina after use. Similar to any sexual activity or the use of intimate products, regular cleaning helps avert the accumulation of bacteria and other potentially harmful substances, mitigating the risk of infections or other health concerns.

2. Protect Your Doll

Effective cleaning and maintenance play a crucial role in prolonging your doll's lifespan and shielding it from potential damage or material deterioration. Substances like bodily fluids, if not adequately cleaned, can gradually degrade the doll's material. Regularly cleaning the vagina after each use becomes essential in preventing harm and ensuring the longevity of your doll.

3. Maintain the Attractiveness of Your Doll

A sex doll that is clean and well-maintained not only appears more visually appealing but also enhances the overall enjoyment of the experience. Additionally, diligent cleaning can contribute to preventing discoloration or the formation of blemishes, further preserving the aesthetic quality of the doll.

4. Clear Away Unwanted Smell

Aid in managing any undesirable odors that might arise over time, thereby averting potential embarrassment or discomfort.

In general, post-use cleansing of a sex doll's vagina is a crucial element of doll upkeep, promoting an optimal experience and mitigating potential health hazards. Proper care contributes to a safer and more enjoyable encounter with your doll. In the realm of doll maintenance tools, we present a new offering from WM Doll: an intelligent cleaning set designed specifically for orifice cleaning. Undoubtedly, with the introduction of this WM electric cleaning kit, the process of vagina cleaning becomes more streamlined and user-friendly.

Simple steps to run the equipment and complete the cleaning process 

1. Connect the control host to the power cord and data cable of the cleaning jet.

2. Connect the water inlet pipe and outlet pipe to the control host. (Ensure the inlet pipe is placed in clean warm water with mild cleaning solutions, and the outlet pipe is directed into a waste water container).

3. Insert the cleaning jet into the doll’s vagina, then activate the cleaning device. Choose either the "automatic mode" or "semi-automatic mode" to initiate the cleaning process.

4. After cleaning, use the included drying rod, a water-dry diatomite stick rod, or a USB heating rod to dry the vagina thoroughly.

Certainly, here are some safety precautions to prevent damage to the device

1. Avoid Water on the Device Host:
- Do not clean the device host with water to prevent damage.

2.Ensure Proper Water Inlet:
- Make sure the water inlet pipe is submerged in water before use.

3. Maintain Sufficient Cleaning Water:
- Ensure that the cleaning water volume is more than 5.5L.

4. Proper Insertion Depth:
- Insert the cleaning jet into the doll’s vagina at a depth of 2-5 segments.

5. Correct Jet Position:
- When inserted, ensure the drain pipe faces downward (refer to details in the provided video).

6. Comprehensive Cleaning:
- Additionally, other canals such as the anus and mouth should be carefully washed after use for sexual functions.

7. Separate Purchase for Cleaning Kit:
- Note that this cleaning kit is not included with the initial purchase of a sex doll. It needs to be bought separately if you wish to utilize it for the thorough cleaning of your doll.

Adhering to these guidelines ensures proper usage and maintenance of the cleaning device and contributes to the overall care of your sex doll.

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