Zelex Doll‘s Featured Construction: Half & Full Loose Joint Skeletons

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Greetings in our newest blog entry! Given the keen interest of a great many doll lovers in articulated skeletons, we're delighted to present Zelex Doll's articulated skeleton, available in both half-loose joints and full-loose joints. These designs provide an unparalleled degree of flexibility and effortless movement.

Half Loose Joint Skeleton

The semi-articulated skeleton, with its enhanced mobility, presents a more effortless range of movement when compared to the standard skeleton. As illustrated in the below video, it enables you to easily pose your love doll with considerably less exertion. The joints in this skeleton variant are designed to strike a harmonious balance between flexibility and stability, ensuring that your doll can maintain poses while remaining easy to adjust.

This type of skeleton is friendly for individuals who are amateurs in photography or like to showcase their dolls in different kinds of realistic poses. It also proves to be an excellent option for those seeking a more interactive experience with their doll, facilitating smoother and more natural movements.

Full Loose Joint Skeleton

Conversely, the fully articulated skeleton maximizes flexibility. This skeleton variant features significantly loosened joints, providing the most effortless range of motion among Zelex Doll's selections. It's crucial to highlight that, owing to this heightened flexibility, the doll equipped with a fully articulated skeleton is unable to sit or maintain upright positions.

Despite this constraint, the full loose joint skeleton transforms the doll into an outstanding companion for bedtime. Its remarkable flexibility contributes to a more laid-back and authentic experience, ideal for individuals seeking a partner to enjoy serene and comforting moments, especially when in a resting or reclining position.

Notice: The available skeleton is exclusively designed for custom-made sex dolls.

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