Efficient Storage Solutions: How to Store a Sex Doll Properly to Maintain Quality and Privacy

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Hey, don't leave your sexual partner behind when you're temporarily separated! Properly storing your sex doll is the secret to maintaining their long-lasting charm. Just like protecting your favorite clothes, take good care of your love doll and she will be grateful to you. Here are some simple and interesting tips to help you keep her beautiful and long-lasting.

The cleanliness and storage of dolls are key factors determining their lifespan. Many people believe that dolls can be placed freely under the bed or on the bed or chair. But this random storage method will only cause a certain loss in the lifespan of your doll. Moreover, prolonged exposure to the air makes dolls more susceptible to bacterial or dust infections, leading to health issues during use. Don't know how to store it yet? Different sizes have different storage methods. After reading this article, you will learn how to store your sex dolls in a perfect way.

Full Body Doll - Ensuring Limb Storage Is More Important!

When storing a full body realistic doll, the most important thing is to ensure that the doll limbs can be fully extended and not to let the doll's body bear too much weight, even the weight of the doll itself. Horizontal storage means keeping the doll level and parallel to the ground. Next, you can choose to purchase a box to store the doll. When purchasing a box, please remember to leave some space for filling, so it is best not to buy a box that is only suitable for dolls. The main drawback of this strategy is that purchasing a storage box of this size is expensive, about half the price of a full-size doll. Of course, you can keep the packaging box that comes with the store delivery. However, the cardboard boxes must be stored in a cool and ventilated environment, where the liquid will not damage the surface of the cardboard boxes. If your home is often in a humid climate, you can choose a suspended storage space.

Hanging storage is the most cost-effective storage method and is also adopted by many doll manufacturers. If you have a closet, you can get a hanger kit to hang various parts of the doll inside. By avoiding excessive pressure on the built-in skeleton and skin caused by the weight of the doll, the internal structure of the doll can be well maintained. However, when hanging the doll in the closet, place a soft cushion under your feet. After prolonged suspension, the neck ring will weaken. The gravity of the doll was dispersed by this cushion.

Storage Of Small-Sized Dolls

A major advantage of having a sex doll's torso is that it has multiple storage methods, all of which are very convenient. You can choose to use a suitable storage box or luggage to store your sex dolls. Once your doll is carefully installed, you can place it in any cool place, such as under the bed, in the closet, or under a table. Small sized dolls can even be stored directly in a small cardboard box, such as the body of a BBW Torso. The torso doll itself is much smaller than the full size, and you can also choose to hang it up and store it in the wardrobe, which is a very hidden existence!

Steps For Storing Dolls:

After wiping the doll clean, wipe it clean. After confirming that it is completely dry, apply a layer of talcum powder on the surface.
Wrap the doll in a transparent plastic film to ensure that its limbs are well extended.
If stored horizontally, you need to put some fillers in the storage box in advance. Ensure that the entire body of the doll is fully protected.
For hanging storage, cover the surface of the doll with a thin layer of plastic film or a light colored blanket. Avoid direct contact between dolls and air.
Make sure not to cover the doll with heavy clothes.

Here Are A Few Things Not To Do When Storing Dolls:

Avoid placing sharp objects around dolls!
Do not store dolls in high temperature areas, such as near air conditioning vents or heaters.
Do not leave the doll on artificial or dyed fabrics for a long time, and avoid contact with dark colored clothes or leather sofas.
Please place the doll in a well ventilated area, avoiding dark and damp places.
When holding a doll, it is best to hold it as a whole and avoid holding only the limbs or head.

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