How to Make a Sex Doll: Understanding the General Production Process

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There are two dominant materials used to make these beauties. TPE and Silicone. Focusing the process of manufacturing TPE sex dolls. What is TPE? TPE is a versatile material used in the production of everyday items like gloves shows, bicycle groups and of course Sex dolls. It can be melted and molded in to various shapes and sizes while also being flexible and durable.
Typically, there are 8 steps involved in turning TPE into a doll that are ready for sale.

Step1 Material Mixture

The first step in creating TPE doll is to mix them raw materials. The recipe for TPE consists of oil powder and additives like color powder and deodorant. The ingredients are mixed together and left to settle down overnight. Before being melted and mixed in an extruder to create liquidized TPE which is suitable for pouring into the mold.

Step2 Mode Design and Selection

Mode design and selection are crucial part of TPE doll manufacturing. The mold determine the doll size shapes and proportion and must be carefully designed.

Step 3 Skeleton Binding

Once the mode is ready, a metal skeleton is bounded into the mold determine the doll’s posture and flexibility. The skeleton binding process requires physical strength and careful attitude. A skilled expert is highly valued in this industry and the quality of the skeleton determines whether the doll’s posture is normal and whether it can move smoothly. Some manufactures has been making extensive research in skeleton and creating innovation like EVO skeleton, double-balled joint and articulated fingers.

Step 4 Pouring The Material Into The Mold

After the skeleton is bound, the liquidized hot TPE material is poured into the mold. The mold is then lifted, and the material in side it is left to cool down and solidify, the cooling time varies depending on the type of materials, temperature and manufacturing process used by each factory. Some materials cool faster than the others. And both water and air could be used as effective cooling medium.

Step 5 Removing The Doll From The Mold

Once the TPE material has cooled and solidified, the doll is to be removed from the mold. This process must be done carefully to avoid damaging the doll’s delicate fingers and toes. Other wise the door has to be trashed in a garbage bin. And the whole production process has to restart and the customer has to wait even longer.

Step 6 Trimming and Ironing

The doll undergoes trimming and ironing process to smooth out any rough edges and polish the surface. This process require patience and attention to detail to avoid defects.

Step 7 Coloring And Powdering

The doll is colored and powdered to create a more realistic look and feel. The paint is typically applied using spray gun and mixed with alcohol or oil. The extent of fading depends on the amount of oiled produced by the skin and the actual use of the doll by the user. Paint on a doll tend to wear off quickly on TPE dolls. Typically no longer than a few months. Powdering is also important to the doll. And the TPE doll skin gets very sticky without powder applied on the doll. The doll skin is likely to get damaged during the transportation process. The factory use talcon powder which could be harmful to human body if used for long periods of time. So when there’s a chance for different choices. It’s best to use cornstarch powder.

Step 8 Love Doll Packaging

Packaging is an important and final part of this process. As it is crucial factor deciding whether the doll can arrive at the destination in good condition. It’s now standard practice for any doll company that should endure most of the collisions which are likely to happen during the transportation. Well this is a little bit too much, but this doll turns out to be safe. The packaging includes an outer layer of protective materials such as foam and cardboard to consolidate the box against external forces and then there’s an inner laser of protection such as plastic wrap or blanket to prevent any scratch or damage to the doll’s skin. The doll is then placed in a cardboard box or flight case depending on your options with the vendor.

In conclusion, the manufacturing process for TPE Sex Dolls is complex and technical, requiring skills and attention to detail. Every step must be done carefully to ensure the final product is of high quality and meet customer satisfaction.

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