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How To Buy A Sex Doll: Online Or Offline

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Every person have the experience of buying all kind of objects. Maybe one have bought luxury goods in luxury mall and bought condom at a shop. One has different moods when buying these two different products since people are really care about how others perceive them. So, are you mentally prepared before being ready to buy a sex doll?

Hand Over Your Wallet: Get Your Budget Ready

The first thing that you need to do is preparing your money! Aha, it sounds like nonsense but the fact is you do need to consider your budget on a sex doll. Currently, a sex doll cost $500 to $3000 around, and different prices mean different processes and functions. Are you ready to empty your wallet to get a sex doll?

Where To Get Your Love Doll?

Then comes to the question of where you could buy sex dolls. Generally speaking, 99% of people choose to buy sex dolls online. Few people buy a sex doll at a physical sex toys store. For physical sex doll stores have many limits like it needs large space to place sex dolls and the retail price in sex toys store is high. Thus, where can sex doll lovers buy online? You could search for the key words “sex doll” on Google. Some of the top sellers are relatively reliable, such as “Realistic Sex Dolls” “Silicone Wives”. Of course you could also buy dolls at our store -- FantasyWives. FantasyWives is a trustworthy distributor which are authorized over 50 SEX Doll brands.

Some customers might be alert or worried about this kind of standalone website. For a sex doll requires a comparably large amount of money, why not purchasing on Amazon or eBay to ensure that the transaction is safe. Unfortunately, these two platforms banned sex doll products as early as 2021, same as AliExpress. The reason for banning sex doll sales is that some people buy sex dolls that looks like child, such as 100cm height flat breast doll with a child-like face. This kind of sex doll violates the child protection laws in most countries and some buyers have been sued or imprisoned for purchasing such dolls. The consequence is that sex dolls were fully removed from these platforms for it is difficult to distinguish whether such sex dolls are involved in some illegal activities.

When talking to this, industry experience is very important. A sex doll with rich experience sex doll vendor not only can help you buy a perfect sex doll in low cost but also can avoid unnecessary legal risks. The creator of FantasyWives has more than 10 years’ experience in sex doll industry, and has served over 20,000 clients from different countries. We have dealt with various unexpected situations and ultimately resolved them properly. Received unanimous praise from users.

It Is Important To Know What Kind Of Sex Doll Is Suitable For You.

The height can be chosen according to your own preferences. Of course, higher the height, higher the price. Generally speaking, it is recommended to choose dolls that are about 10-15cm below one’s own height. So that you can still look at her face and kiss her while sexing with her. Regarding weight, here is a very strong suggestion! If you are not a particularly strong player, we do not recommend choosing dolls that weigh more than 45kg because it's really heavy. Remember, dolls cannot hug your neck like real people which you could easily pick it up all at once. If you don't want to spend half an hour carrying the doll from the box to the bed after receiving it, then try to choose a doll that suits your height as much as possible. As for the face and body shape, there are so many types you could choose so we won’t go into too much details here. Everyone has her own preferences, some like anime sex doll, some like BBW sex doll, others may like skinny sex doll. Also, Asian style sex doll is popular as Cosplay style sex doll. You could browse these various sex dolls at our categories.

How Much Should I Cost On A Sex Doll?

If you buy a sex doll only for physiological need and don’t have much experience for it’s the first time to purchase such products, we don’t suggest that you spend too much money on it. No more than your 20% of your monthly salary is common for the most people. For example, if you earn $3,000 a month, it’s better to spend $600 to buy a sex doll. Don’t forget there are many other bills you need to pay in everyday life. Rational consumption is always right!

But if you want to have a sex doll not only for sex but also for a warm companion, or be interested in cosplay your favorite characters, or you are deeply attracted by a sex doll’s appearance and you have some experience on purchasing sex dolls, then you can increase your spending limit to 50% of your monthly income, but don’t do over-consumption. Don't spend more than a month's income to buy a doll no matter how perfect she is! If you exceed this limit but find it difficult to convince yourself, you can come to us to seek for advice and let us give you a good solution. We firmly believe that if you really want to buy a doll but still feel that the price is too expensive, then this doll is definitely not your best choice. Let's help you find the most suitable “hot girl” for you.

How Long Will I Get The Doll?

If you want to quickly get the doll, you could choose to In-Stock Doll, which could be received in 3-5 days after ordering. The only disadvantage is that you can’t customize this doll. Like her eyes’ color, the wig style, the fingernail color, or skin color and so on. You could have a customized doll but it is shipped from Chinese factories and will spend around 25-30 days from ordering to receiving. This is a long process, during which you may have to deal with some customs clearance matters. Don’t worry! At FantasyWives, we provide customs clearance service to assist you deal with matters if you want.

Final Point: Do Others Know This Is A Sex Doll Package?

Normally, no information about sex doll will be displayed on the cardboard box of the doll. We also declare the product name as “Mannequin” when shipping. So don’t be nervous about others to know what is in the package when they see it. We promise to protects every customers’ privacy. Otherwise, you could schedule a time for Express to deliver the package to your doorstep, or you can also schedule a convenient time with the delivery station and go to the station to pick it up yourself.

The above 6 points can help you calmly face the process of purchasing and receiving sex dolls. Our website's customer service is enthusiastic and responsible. If you have any questions, please feel free to hand them over to us. Our service philosophy is to make friends with users.

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