Can Sex Dolls Be Repaired If They Are Damaged

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Whether a physical sex doll can be repaired depends on the material of the doll and the type of damage. No matter silicone dolls or TPE dolls, they will face different problems, and different material of doll has its own unique method of repair. Generally the doll could be repaired if not damaged so bad. The degree of damage is also a key factor in determining whether the doll can be repaired.

FantasyWives has been deeply involved in the doll industry for many years and has accumulated rich experience. We have found that some certain problems occur relatively high, such as dyeing problems, cracking of doll materials, indentations and abrasions, loosening of some joints, and so on. Repairing damage to physical dolls is a very meticulous and professional process. We hope to use this professional level physical doll damage repair guide to help users restore the doll's perfect state in the safest and most effective way.

Dyeing problem

This is a problem that many TPE doll users will encounter. Due to the porous nature of TPE materials, TPE dolls are easier to dye compared to silicone dolls. When your doll has dyeing problems, you can use our color remover to solve the problem. Here are the steps we recommend:

1.Before applying the color remover, please wipe the stained area with clean water to ensure that it is clean.

  1. Evenly cover the stain removal paste on the staining area.

3.According to the product instructions, it is necessary to let the color removal cream work in the area for a period of time, usually taking more than 2 hours.

4.Use clean water to thoroughly wash off the discoloration cream on the surface.

5.After cleaning, it is necessary to take appropriate care of the dyeing area and apply appropriate talcum powder.

6.If the dyeing is too deep to remove, you can repeat the above steps and use a color remover until the color is completely removed.

We suggest that customers purchase white or light colored clothes. Newly purchased clothes should be washed to ensure that they do not fade before wearing, or customers can use light or white bottoms to reduce direct contact with the doll's skin and cause staining problems.

Sex Doll material cracking

Whether it's silicone dolls or TPE dolls, cracking on the surface of the doll's skin is a common problem. To solve such problems, we provide professional repair glue. Here are the steps we recommend:

1.Prepare professional silicone and TPE doll glue.

  1. Clean the damaged surface thoroughly to prevent stains from leaving and affecting the appearance.

3.Apply a layer of glue evenly on the two cut surfaces.

4.Fix with reinforcement tools for 1-2 minutes and wait for a maximum of 5-6 hours.

5.In addition to repair, regular maintenance and proper storage are also key factors in extending the service life of TPE material physical dolls. Avoid environments with strong stretching and drastic temperature changes to reduce the risk of damage.

Indentation and Scratches

Due to the softer texture and more realistic touch of TPE dolls. Therefore, TPE dolls are more prone to indentation and scratches in certain aspects. However, such problems are also the easiest to solve. Here are the steps we recommend:

1.Please cover a damp towel directly on the indentation area.

2.Then use a hot air gun or hair dryer to heat the wet towel.

3.Continue heating until the indentation completely disappears. Pay attention to the distance between the hair dryer and the doll to avoid overheating.

If you want to repair the scratch, directly aim the hair dryer at the damaged area and heat it until the scratch becomes smooth.

Please note that this type of repair method is only effective for TPE dolls. Due to the slightly hard texture of silicone gel, it is less prone to indentation and abrasion. If there are slight indentations, it can be left for a few days, and the silicone material will naturally rebound.

Joint loosening

Due to improper use of physical dolls, it is easy for some joints to loosen or break. If TPE dolls have loose joints, you need to identify the loose joint area and re secure the corresponding screws with a wrench. However, for silicone dolls, loose joints are an irreparable problem. Because silicone material cannot open large areas and re fix screws like TPE material. If your silicone doll has a broken skeleton, it will be an irreparable problem.

In general, repairing damage to physical dolls requires selecting appropriate methods based on the material of the doll and the specific situation of the damage. Although there are some methods that can repair the damage of physical dolls to a certain extent, for some irreparable damage, it may be necessary to seek professional help or consult the manufacturer if they have relevant repair services. During the repair process, we recommend thorough cleaning and careful handling to avoid causing greater damage. If you are not confident in being able to complete the repair independently, it is recommended to seek professional help. Our goal is to help you extend the lifespan of your doll as much as possible, keeping it always in its best condition.

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