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How to Use a Sex Doll: A Comprehensive Guide to Maximizing Your Pleasure On Sex Doll

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When it comes to how to use sex doll, many people scoff. "Do we still need someone to teach us how to use dolls? Isn't it just about taking the dolls out of the box and placing them in one place, posing them properly, and enjoying them?" In fact, how to place and use dolls is not as simple as the above. But in fact, it's not so difficult to reach the sky. What most people say about use is also about use. What we say about use may teach you how to use it efficiently, reduce damage to the doll, and also make it easier for customers to use.

How To Take The Doll Out Of The Box

The first step is to take out the doll from the package. Advice on how to open the package to move the doll sit up. If you bought a full size sex doll, place the box horizontally on the ground and open it, and the doll will lie inside. First adjust the doll's hands so that her two forearms are upright on the ground, and also perform the same operation on the doll's legs. Then grab the doll's neck with one hand and its feet with the other, while exerting force to shift the doll from lying down to sitting. Then you stand with one foot in the box and carry the doll, using both hands to lift it out smoothly.

Install The Head Of The Doll

Generally speaking, the body and head of the dolls we purchase are separate. If you have purchased a head and body integrated doll (linked to a head and body integrated doll brand), you can skip this step. Place the doll's body on a chair to maintain a sitting position, find the adjustable head connector screw in the package, align the threaded side with the doll's neck, rotate it in, and tighten it to install the doll's head.

How To Wear A Wig

If you have chosen the hair implemented option, you can omit this step. If you buy a wig and then install the head, you can put the wig on the doll's head. Don't think it's over like this! After transportation, the wig may be messy when first taken out, so you need to use a comb to make your hair smooth. If the wig is deformed due to the transportation, you can use a hair straightener or a curling iron to reshape it.

How To Dress Up Your Love Doll

First, remove the head from the body Still keep the doll sitting pose Adjust the size of the doll's arms so that the upper and lower arms are in an extended state. If you are wearing clothes like vests or t-shirts for the doll, adjust the doll's hands to extend upwards and then put the clothes inside the doll; If you are wearing a zippered or open jacket for her, you need to adjust the doll's hands to extend backwards and slowly put on the jacket. Wearing underwear for dolls is similar. Lie the doll flat in its position, adjust the legs to be straight and perpendicular to the ground. When putting on pants or skirts that are almost at the buttocks position, adjust the legs to a horizontal position, hold the doll's legs with one hand, and put on the pants or skirt with the other hand.

How To Install The Removable Vagina Insert

People who have chosen removable vagina should know how install the insert. Prepare the lubricant first, then apply the lubricant evenly to the insert surface and just carefully insert the removable insert into the vagina. The advantage of a removable vagina is to keep it safe and clean when you have sex with the doll. You could take it off and wash it separately, which is very convenient and benefit for you health.

About Body Joints Movements

You could twist the doll’s head 90 degrees to the left or right, you could also tilt her head left or right, make the doll look up or down. There are joints in shoulder, elbow and wrist, also the fingers. Just remember do not twisting or pushing too hard when adjusting the doll’s posture to avoid damage to the doll. You could adjust the love dolls’ posture to make the doll bend or turn its upper body. There are also joints in doll’s hip, knees, and ankles so you could make her legs stand or bend, close or open. Pose the doll in the postures you like and enjoy the intimate moment!

The above is a rough guide on how to use sex doll. If you are a beginner, you can learn more about it. If there is an accompanying doll user manual, you can also read it carefully to ensure correct use, reduce damage to the doll, and relatively prolong the doll's use time. We may create a more intuitive video in the future to demonstrate and teach everyone how to use it. Please continue to follow us~

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